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Schematic of 3-clock




可選的{{{captionstyle}}}參數用於修改說明文字區域的外觀和內容。其內容應當是一個CSS聲明,或一組沒有括號和引號的聲明(例如,captionstyle=color: red; text-align: center;)。此參數在未指定{{{caption}}}{{{float}}}參數時沒有效果。
The optional clear parameter may be added to force the schematic to drop below other floated elements. Its value may be left (to drop below only left-floated elements), right (to drop below only right-floated elements), both (to drop below all floated elements), or none (the default).
The optional float parameter may be added to change the side to which the schematic floats if a caption is added. The only value recognized is left -- anything else defaults back to floating to the right.
A schematic with no caption or float parameters acts like any other wiki table, ending the previous line and pushing subsequent text to a new line.
The optional size parameter may be added to specify the width and height of the sprite cells in pixels. Its value should be a simple number with no units added (e.g., size=16). If omitted, size defaults to 32.
The optional style parameter may be added to change the appearance of the schematic's surrounding box. Its value should be a css declaration or declaration group with no surrounding braces or quotes (e.g., style=background-color: yellow;). This parameter has no effect if caption and float are not specified.
The optional tablestyle parameter may be added to change the appearance of the schematic table. Its value should be a css declaration or declaration group with no surrounding braces or quotes (e.g., tablestyle=background-color: green;).
The param parameters specify the content of the schematic. When multiple params are defined, the resulting sprites or text are displayed in individual table cells, one after the other, unless a plus sign is used to stack them in the same cell.

Sprite sheet for Schematic

  • A sprite identifier (see list below) displays a sprite from the image on the right.
  • A dash (-) starts a new row.
  • Anything else is simply displayed as center-aligned text within the cell's bounding box (empty parameters or whitespace parameters are displayed as empty cells).
    • Overflow text is not displayed, so this is primarily intended to be used to display one or two characters in a schematic (such as input and output locations, feature markers to be referenced in text, numbers representing light levels or distance, etc.).
    • HTML character entity references may be needed for some characters, such as &#124; for the pipe character: |, &#61; for an equals sign, &#43; for a plus sign (to be displayed as text rather than stacking the next param), or &#45; for a dash (to be displayed as text rather than starting a new row). &#x305; after a letter will provide a "combining overline" over the letter (used to indicate an inverse signal such as Q̅).
Multiple sprites and text may be stacked in the same cell by separating them with a plus sign (+), lower layers before upper layers.


Overuse of the schematic template can create a high server load, resulting in long page generation times or even a time-out failure. This server load is proportional to the number of schematic cells on a page (for example, one 100-cell schematic and ten 10-cell schematics produce roughly the same server load). When the number of schematic cells on a page start to exceed a few hundred (or fewer, with other high-load templates), consider using {{LoadBox}} or {{LoadPage}} to offload some or all schematics into user-requested subpages.



A sprite identifier is a string of characters that specify which sprite to display.

Some conventions to remember:

  • Directions are indicated by n (north), s (south), e (east), w (west), u (up), and d (down). Directions are relative to the schematic, not the Minecraft world.
  • $ indicates a side view sprite.
  • ! indicates a powered/activated component.




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