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此模板使用了模块:Materials row,此脚本使用Lua编写。



The parameter is set to the title to display in the first column.

The parameter {{{rgb}}} contains three color values separated by commas to display as a colored cell and text. It should be set based on the material's map color. If unset, it defaults to a white color and the text "None"


The table contains the following properties. They are set to 1 for true, and 0 for false.

Name Subclass only? Description Default
{{{liquid}}} Yes The block allows the player to swim. 0
{{{solid}}} Yes This block allows block dependent blocks to be placed on it, and is considered when spawning various structures. 1
{{{blocklight}}} Yes This block reduces the level of light passing through it (often blocking it entirely). 1
{{{blockmove}}} Yes This block prevents movement through it, and usually suffocates entities inside of it. 1
{{{opaque}}} No This block cannot be seen through. {{{blockmove}}}
{{{tool}}} No This block requires a tool to give a drop. 0
{{{burn}}} No This block can become lit from lava. 0
{{{replace}}} No This block will be replaced from using another block on it. 0
{{{adventureExempt}}} No Does not seem to be used anywhere in Minecraft, and is not displayed in the table. 0

Subclasses can also be set using {{{subclass}}} for to change the defaults based on coded subclasses. Values include:

  • liquid
    • defaults {{{liquid}}} and {{{replace}}} to 1
    • defaults {{{blockmove}}} and {{{solid}}} to 0
    • defaults {{{piston}}} to "replace"
  • nonsolid
    • defaults {{{adventureExempt}}} to 1
    • defaults {{{solid}}}, {{{blocklight}}} and {{{blockmove}}} to 0
  • portal
    • defaults {{{solid}}}, {{{blocklight}}} and {{{blockmove}}} to 0
  • liquid
    • defaults {{{replace}}} to 1
    • defaults {{{solid}}}, {{{blocklight}}} and {{{blockmove}}} to 0
  • cobweb
    • defaults {{{blockmove}}} to 1

The parameter {{{piston}}} can be set to determine the interaction when a piston pushes the block. Options are as follows:

  • pushed - pushes the block, default
  • replace - breaks the block being pushed
  • blocked - stops the piston from extending


The parameters generally correspond to the actual structure of the code.

  • {{{subclass}}} refers to actual subclasses of the Material class. Names mostly match, but "nonsolid" is MaterialLogic, while "cobweb" is the inline class used for the web material.
  • {{{liquid}}} refers to the isLiquid() method.
  • {{{solid}}} refers to the isSolid() method.
  • {{{blocklight}}} refers to the blocksLight() method.
  • {{{blockmove}}} refers to the blocksMovement() method.
  • {{{opaque}}} refers to the setTranslucent() and isOpaque() methods.
  • {{{tool}}} refers to the setRequiresTool() and isToolNotRequired() methods.
  • {{{burn}}} refers to the setBurning() and getCanBurn() methods.
  • {{{replace}}} refers to the setReplaceable() and isReplaceable() methods.
  • {{{adventureExempt}}} refers to the setAdventureModeExempt() method.
  • {{{piston}}} refers to the setNoPushMobility(), setImmovableMobility(), and getMaterialMobility() methods.