Achievements are a way to gradually guide new players into Minecraft and give them challenges to complete. Achievements were added to Minecraft on April 19, 2011, in the Beta version 1.5 update.<poll>

Speaking to Gamasutra,[1] Notch said: “I like achievements. I know a lot of people don't, but I like them. I've had the idea to make achievements kind of like the in-game questing. So you'd be able to see the first achievement in a tree of achievements, and you unlock the top ones first before you can unlock the ones further down."

He also said: “So the first one might be to chop down a tree, or kill a chicken, and then these branch into more things you can do. Hopefully it would encourage people to try new areas. It could converge into a big task, like kill a dragon or something, which would put a kind of narrative into the achievement tree.”

Finally, asked if such a move would risk leading players down a preset path, rather than encouraging exploration and invention as Minecraft does in its current state, Notch said: “Definitely not. I’d want these achievements to feel like things you can try, rather than these are things you have to do. People can follow them, but only if they want to.”

The Beta 1.4 update was originally intended to include achievements and statistics; However, implementation was pulled from the release because it was not yet functional.[2] It was implemented into Beta 1.5 instead.

As of 1.7.1, achievements are separate for each world. So you have a separate record of your achievements in each individual world. Your achievements in your Creative world do not carry over to your Hardcore world. The achievements in the Console Editions use the trophies and/or badges built into the operating system of the console, so they are not specific to each world, and can be viewed without opening Minecraft.

Achievements can be completed in any game mode, including Creative, except in the console editions, where, presumably because of their being universal, they can only be earned in worlds that have not been created or saved in creative mode or with host privileges active.

List of achievements编辑

Icon Achievement In-game Description Prerequisites (Do not apply in PS3 edition) Actual requirements (if different) ID Name (Used in /achievement)
Taking Inventory  Press Inventory Key to open your inventory. None Open your inventory.

The description will match the configured inventory key.

0 openInventory
Getting Wood Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out Taking Inventory Pick up a block of wood from the ground. 1 mineWood
Benchmarking Craft a workbench with four blocks of Wooden Planks Getting Wood Pick up a crafting table out of your inventory crafting grid. 2 buildWorkBench
Time to Farm! Use planks and sticks to make a Wooden Hoe Benchmarking Pick up a Wooden Hoe from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Bake Bread Turn wheat into bread Time to Farm! Pick up Bread from a Crafting Table or the ground.
The Lie Wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs! Time to Farm! Pick up a Cake from a Crafting Table.
Time to Strike! Use planks and sticks to make a sword Benchmarking Pick up a Wooden Sword from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Monster Hunter Attack and destroy a monster Time to Strike!
Test Sniper Duel Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters Monster Hunter
Test Cow Tipper Harvest some leather Time to Strike! Pick up Leather from the ground.
Test When Pigs Fly Fly a pig off a cliff Cow Tipper Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig (and you) get hurt from fall damage while riding it.
Test Time to Mine! Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe Benchmarking Pick up a Wooden Pickaxe from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Test Getting an Upgrade Construct a better pickaxe Time to Mine! Pick up a Stone Pickaxe from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Test Hot Topic Construct a furnace out of eight stone blocks Time to Mine! Pick up a Furnace from a Crafting Table (crafted using Cobblestone blocks) or the ground.
Test Delicious Fish Catch and cook fish. Hot Topic Remove a Cooked Fish from a Furnace.
Test Acquire Hardware Smelt an iron ingot Hot Topic Remove an Iron Ingot from a Furnace.
Test On A Rail Travel by minecart at least 1 km from where you started Acquire Hardware Travel by minecart to a point at least 1 km in a single direction from where you started.
Test DIAMONDS! Acquire diamonds with your iron tools Acquire Hardware Pick up a Diamond from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Test Enchanter Use a book, obsidian and diamonds to construct an enchantment table DIAMONDS! Pick up an Enchantment Table from a Crafting Table.
Test Overkill Deal eight hearts of damage in a single hit Enchanter Deal nine hearts damage in a single hit - impossible without enchantments.
Test Librarian Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table Enchanter Pick up a Bookshelf from a Crafting Table.
Test We Need to Go Deeper

_______________Into the Nether

Build a portal to the Nether DIAMONDS!

_____________Acquire Hardware

Enter a Nether Portal.
Test Return to Sender Destroy a Ghast with a fireball We Need to Go Deeper Knock a Ghast's fireball back at it, thus killing it.
Test Into Fire Relieve a Blaze of its rod We Need to Go Deeper Pick up a Blaze Rod from a Crafting Table or the ground.
Test Local Brewery Brew a potion Into Fire Pick up a Potion from a Brewing Stand. An already-created potion placed and removed qualifies.
Test The End? Locate the End Into Fire Enter an End Portal.
Test The End. Defeat the Ender Dragon The End? Exit the End
Test The Beginning? Spawn the Wither The End.
Test The Beginning. Defeat the Wither The Beginning? Pick up a Nether Star from the ground.
Adventuring Time Discover all biomes. The End? Go into every biome. This includes technical biomes.
Repopulation Breed two cows with wheat Cow Tipper
Diamonds to You! Throw diamonds at another player. DIAMONDS! Drop a diamond, and a mob or another player must pick it up. If a player picks it up, it must create a new stack in their inventory. Picking up your own diamond does not qualify, because the "Thrower" NBT Tag is set to you.
Beaconator Create a full beacon. The beginning. Put a beacon on a full pyramid (4 layers).
MOAR Tools Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one shovel, one axe, one hoe) Benchmarking (Xbox and PS3 only)
Dispense with this Construct a dispenser. Acquire Hardware (Xbox and PS3 only)
Leader of the Pack Befriend five wolves. Monster Hunter (Xbox and PS3 only)
Awarded all Trophies All trophies have been awarded. All Others Collect all other trophies. (PlayStation 3 Version only)


  • Achievements unlocked by picking up items will not be triggered if an item is moved directly from a Chest to the player's inventory. It must be dropped, then picked back up.

March 18th Update 编辑

On March 18, Notch talked about Achievements and Statistics on his Blog.[3] He said the following:

I worked on the achievement and stats system. One design issue was dealing with offline mode and syncing the achievements once you get a connection again, but that’s been solved. We’ve got a couple of people in the office who don’t like achievements in games at all, so the goal is to design something that they’re fine with.

Also, he added that Achievements will not be chores:

Achievements will NOT be chores like “cut down 10000 trees”, but rather challenges like “ride a pig off a cliff”. Stats, however, will be used to keep track of how many trees you have cut down. The long term plan is to show achievements and stats from the profile page on as well, in case you want to brag.

Interface 编辑

Minecraft's achievement system involves a tree composed of achievements, some of which are prerequisites for others. Originally the interface showed the achievement tree on the left, and a 'mini-map' of the tree on the right. The mini-map was removed in the final version, which now simply shows the tree. The background of the tree mimics the world with sand at the top with dirt spanning below, bedrock at the bottom, and ores distributed as they would be in the world.

Test achievements can also be found within Minecraft Beta 1.4's source code, and the test video posted by Notch. Among these are opening the inventory, mining wood and building a workbench.

Preview Video 编辑

On April 8, 2011, a video was uploaded to YouTube showing weather, statistics and achievements. [4]


  • The achievement "Sniper Duel" used to be unachievable under any circumstance, but was fixed in Version 1.1.
  • As of beta version 1.7, achievements would reset themselves when the game is exited.
  • The achievement "Overkill" states that eight hearts of damage must be dealt in a single hit, when in fact nine hearts of damage are required to unlock the achievement.

Trivia 编辑

  • The "Cow Tipper achievement can be obtained by killing horses.
  • As of 1.0.0, there are exactly 27 achievements.
  • Custom Achievements can be made using various third-party sites.
  • The first achievement confirmed by Notch was "When Pigs Fly", although it was more explained than named.
  • "The Lie" achievement is a reference to the promised cake in the game Portal that is thought to be "a lie", and the Internet meme "The Cake is a Lie" that is of the same promised cake.
    • Another reference to Valve's games is an achievement name "On A Rail", which is the title of one of the levels in Half-Life.
  • The player can reset all of his/her Achievements by deleting the "stats" folder in the .minecraft app data folder. Beware that it also resets Statistics.
  • Completing achievements without their prerequisites will not count, despite the ability to do so legitimately.
    • This, however, does not affect the PS3 Edition.
  • There are neither Gold Ores nor Lapis Lazuli ores in the Achievements Menu background.
  • Contrary to popular misconception, "Achievement Get!" is not a grammatical error, but a deliberate reference to a decade-old proto-meme. Early screenshots of Super Mario Sunshine used the Japanese localization, and featured Mario grabbing a "Shine" item with the prominent text "Shine Get!". Due to the prominence of the game and the attention given to these screenshots, "[noun] Get!" subsequently became a popular term used on image boards as post count benchmarks, which Notch occasionally visits.
  • Texture packs affect the background of the achievement tree.
  • Overkill is "the use of excessive force or action that goes further than is necessary to achieve its goal, most commonly in acts of extreme violence." [5]
  • "We Need To Go Deeper" is a reference to the movie Inception.
  • "Return to Sender" refers to a message often written on non-personal letters, usually in case that a letter ends up at an incorrect address.
  • A "Local Brewery" is a local place where beer is brewed.
  • Prior to Beta 1.9 pre-release 6, the image used by "The End." was that of a Monster Spawner; this was because the Dragon Egg was not implemented at that point. This was changed upon its addition.
  • "Adventuring Time" is a reference to the show "Adventure Time".
  • "Beaconator" could be a reference to Wendy's "Baconator".

References 编辑

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