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Baby Zoglin.png
Health points

40♥ × 20


Passive (Peaceful Difficulty)‌[BE only]




Easy: 3♥♥ to 5♥♥♥
Normal: 3♥♥ to 8♥♥♥♥
Hard: 4.5♥ × 2.25 to 12♥ × 6
Easy: 0.25♥ × 0.125
Normal: 0.5♥ × 0.25
Hard: 0.75♥ × 0.375

Hitbox size

In Java Edition:
Height: 1.4 Blocks
Width: 1.3965 Blocks
Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.6982 Blocks
In Bedrock Edition:
Height: 0.9 Blocks
Width: 0.9 Blocks
Height: 0.425 Blocks
Width: 0.425 Blocks






When a Hoglin is in the Overworld or The End for 15 seconds

Usable items

Zoglins are undead hostile mobs created when a hoglin enters the Overworld or End.


Zoglins spawn when a hoglin has been in the Overworld or the End for 300 game ticks (15 seconds). For their first 10 seconds after zombification, they get the nausea effect. This nausea effect is cosmetic and does not affect its behavior. Like most hostile mobs, zoglins despawn when the difficulty is changed to Peaceful.‌[JE only] In Bedrock Edition, zoglins still exist in the world and are passive only to players.



Zoglins are hostile toward armor stands[1], players in Survival or Adventure mode (except in Peaceful difficulty), and all mobs except creepers, ghasts, and other zoglins. This includes hoglins and zombified piglins. Normal hoglins do not attack normal piglins unless provoked by piglins.

When an adult zoglin attacks, it flings its target into the air. Blocking with shields does not mitigate this. When a baby zoglin attacks, they do not fling their target. Baby zoglins, unlike baby hoglins, never grow up. Any mob that can retaliate attacks a zoglin in return after being attacked, including baby zoglins.

When a zoglin attacks a piglin, the piglin either retreats or fights back. Piglin brutes attack zoglins if they are attacked first and never retreat. They also attack the zoglin if the zoglin attacks a piglin or another piglin brute.

If a zoglin is fed crimson fungus before it is zombified, it does not despawn naturally and it doesn't count toward the mob cap.

Zoglins are incapable of breeding and do not flee from blocks that repel hoglins. Zoglins can be leashed. Unlike baby hoglins, baby zoglins attack baby piglins. Piglins flee from zoglins if they are not engaged in combat.

If in water, they sink and can drown.[more information needed]

Being an undead mob, they are:

Like zombified piglins, they are immune to fire and lava.


SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Zoglin growlsHostile CreaturesZoglin growls randomly.entity.zoglin.ambientsubtitles.entity.zoglin.ambient0.91.0, 0.8, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.1?
Zoglin growls angrilyHostile CreaturesZoglin growls aggressively when an entity is spotted.entity.zoglin.angrysubtitles.entity.zoglin.angry0.8??
Zoglin attacksHostile CreaturesZoglin impales the entity with its tusks.entity.zoglin.attacksubtitles.entity.zoglin.attack100500.0, 1.0, 0.8, 0.6?
Zoglin hurtsHostile CreaturesZoglin is hurt.entity.zoglin.hurtsubtitles.entity.zoglin.hurt0.83, 0.9, 0.9??
Zoglin diesHostile CreaturesZoglin dies.entity.zoglin.deathsubtitles.entity.zoglin.death0.93??
Zoglin stepsHostile CreaturesZoglin walks around the area.entity.zoglin.stepsubtitles.entity.zoglin.step1.1??

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key

Entity data[]

Zoglins have entity data associated with them that contains various properties.

Java Edition:

Main article: Entity format
  • Entity data
    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags common to all mobs
    •  IsBaby: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the zoglin is a baby. May not exist.

Bedrock Edition:

See Bedrock Edition level format/Entity format.


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Adventure, exploration, and combat Kill any entity, or be killed by any entity.adventure/root
Advancement-plain-raw.pngMonster Hunter
Kill any hostile monster AdventureKill one of these 34 mobs: Other mobs, if any, may be killed, but are ignored for this advancement. Only the riders of the chicken jockeys and skeleton horsemen are counted in this advancement.adventure/kill_a_mob
Advancement-plain-raw.pngA Throwaway Joke
Throw a trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea.
Monster HunterHit a mob with a thrown trident.adventure/throw_trident
Advancement-plain-raw.pngTake Aim
Shoot something with an arrow Monster HunterUsing a bow or a crossbow, shoot an entity with an arrow, tipped arrow, or spectral arrow.adventure/shoot_arrow
Advancement-fancy-raw.pngMonsters Hunted
Kill one of every hostile monster Monster HunterKill each of these 34 mobs: Other mobs, if any, may be killed, but are ignored for this advancement. Only the riders of the chicken jockeys and skeleton horsemen are counted in this advancement.adventure/kill_all_mobs


Java Edition
1.1620w14aZoglin.png Baby Zoglin.png Added zoglins.
20w15aZoglins are now undead mobs.
20w18aAn "IsBaby" tag has been added to allow summoning and correct saving of baby zoglins.
20w19aHoglins now become zoglins when in the End.
Pre-release 6Zoglins now have a knockback resistance of 0.6 instead of 0.5.
Zoglins now have separate textures for each tusk.
1.16.220w27aZoglins can now be leashed. However, hoglins still break their leash when zombifying.[3]
Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta BE.png Zoglin BE.png Added zoglins.
Zoglins currently use the same sounds as normal pigs.
beta now have knockback resistance.
1.16.20beta now use their unique sounds.
1.16.100beta now get healed from harming potions and get damaged from the healing ones.
Baby zoglins now have drops after being killed by the player.
beta Zoglin BE2.png Baby zoglins now have bigger heads to match Java Edition.


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