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Zoglins are hostile mobs created when a hoglin is brought into the Overworld, at which point it becomes zombified. They were introduced in Java Edition 1.16 snapshot 20w14a.


If a Hoglin is in the Overworld or The End for over 15 secs (300 ticks), it zombified. Zoglin despawn if the difficulty is Peaceful [Java Edition only]. In Bedrock Edition, zoglin exist within the world, but remain passive.


Zoglins naturally attack all nearby mobs except for creepers and other zoglins. They will also cause piglins to flee if they are not in combat. Zoglin's attack flings the target into the air. Baby ones, however, don't have this ability.

Zoglins cannot be bred, ignore warped fungus, and are not repelled by blocks that repel hoglins. Unlike normal hoglins, baby zoglins attack baby piglins.


Zoglins drop 1 to 3 rotten flesh and 5 XP when killed. The maximum is increased by 1 with each level of Looting, with the maximum of 1-6 with looting III. In Bedrock Edition, adult zoglins drop 1-3 exp.


  • Like "Johnny" vindicators, zoglins had a similar behavior from sharks in Hungry Shark series.
  • Unlike all other undead mobs, zoglins are damaged by splash potions of harming and poison, and healed by splash potions of healing and regeneration. This is extremely bizzare, as they are undead mobs, and thus the opposite should be true instead. They are currently the only undead mobs to exhibit this odd trait.
  • Zoglins currently use the same damage and death sounds as pigs, despite the fact that they are undead versions of hoglins, and thus should make slightly altered versions of their sounds when damaged or killed. This is likely just a placeholder.
  • Zoglins will sink in lava and water and will drown despite being undead creatures.
  • When zoglins attack, they fling players into the air, even when they use shields.
  • Unlike baby hoglins, baby zoglins will do the same amount of damage as adults do without flinging entities in the air.
  • Zoglins have the same amount of health and do the same amount of damage as hoglins.
  • "Zoglin" is short for Zombified Hoglin.
  • Zoglins won't ever spawn naturally since hoglins are scared of nether portals. To make one in survival, lure a hoglin into an unlit portal frame. Once the hoglin is there, light the portal. The hoglin will be teleported to the over world and turn into a zoglin in 13 seconds.


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