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Xbox One Edition

Release date

January 13, 2017



CU37 was a version of Xbox One Edition released on January 13, 2017.[1] [edit]


24 issues fixed
  • MCCE-1528 – Villager trading XP in the nether.
  • MCCE-1543 – Villagers suffocate in solid blocks upon loading world
  • MCCE-1643 – same music soundtrack plays 4 times in a row in Creative (tutorial world)
  • MCCE-1814 – Torches on walls use old rendering
  • MCCE-1816 – Tnt black explosion particle
  • MCCE-1862 – Typo in description of water breathing potion
  • MCCE-2106 – Game gets stuck when loading World
  • MCCE-2155 – Game crashing while browsing Skin pack menu
  • MCCE-2315 – PS Vita: Particles appear black instead of in color
  • MCCE-2489 – Banners have incorrect hitbox
  • MCCE-2524 – Ice not melting when next to light source
  • MCCE-2535 – X-Ray Glitch with ladders
  • MCCE-2846 – dungeon spawners are broken
  • MCCE-2873 – Zombie pigmen not dropping gold nuggets
  • MCCE-2910 – Glass and leaves render incorrectly
  • MCCE-3030 – XB: The edge of the map/world
  • MCCE-3048 – Blazes no longer drop glowstone dust.
  • MCCE-3071 – Blazes bug
  • MCCE-3097 – Witch sounds bug
  • MCCE-3473 – New update freeze, broke spawners
  • MCCE-3821 – Brewing stand not using fuel
  • Fix for mob spawners not spawning anymore and showing a pig inside them.
  • Fix for previously created signs being censored for players with restrictive privacy settings.
  • Fix for being able to escape the boundaries of the world by exiting a boat at the edge.

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