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Xbox One Edition

Release date

March 25, 2015



CU11 was a version of Xbox One Edition released on March 25, 2015.[1] [edit]


  • Added Pattern texture pack trial content.


28 issues fixed
  • MCCE-23 – Split screen: Flying mobs and invisible mobs
  • MCCE-41 – Skeletons shoot to fast
  • MCCE-58 – Player cannot move head, only body, and has no inventory bar. / Update resets all configuration options
  • MCCE-79 – Villagers
  • MCCE-95 – Mobs will walk through walls while in split screen
  • MCCE-132 – My sister and I were on our Xbox 1,and she was lost,so I teleported her to where I was so she'd be safe from all the mobs,and all of a sudden,it started to glitch out on us.
  • MCCE-136 – Missing texture
  • MCCE-137 – strange sound when loading. game shakes. animals move sideways and/or disappear
  • MCCE-208 – crashing boat / teleporting when leaving boat
  • MCCE-229 – In a two player game all the animals, villagers and mobs behave erratically or become invisible.
  • MCCE-252 – Pigs jump up and down on slabs while riding.
  • MCCE-265 – Destroying fire by using a water/lava bucket makes a wood breaking sound.
  • MCCE-269 – Eating/Drinking Animation to effect mismatch
  • MCCE-330 – missing flint and steel sounds
  • MCCE-431 – Cant transfer Minecraft Xbox 360 worlds to Xbox One
  • MCCE-440 – Crash when creating a new custom superflat world.
  • MCCE-457 – Particle effects are not rendered at high altitude
  • MCCE-462 – Activator rails don't derail players
  • MCCE-513 – PS3 game failure to load
  • MCCE-622 – Snow Golem impervious to melee damage
  • MCCE-682 – Minecraft not working on 360 after last patch
  • MCCE-893 – I do not show the update, and console says i'm current also no new skin pack
  • MCCE-907 – On PS3 it says I have no new updates
  • MCCE-1154 – Invisible fire
  • MCCE-1645 – Slider Texture
  • Fix for a split-screen crash after prolonged gameplay.
  • Fix for an issue causing client players to hang when creating a Wither.
  • Fix for a crash when a player is fishing.

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