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This page describes an edition of the game that has been officially discontinued. 
This edition is no longer updated or available for digital purchase, but can still be purchased physically.

Xbox One Edition Cover

Box art by Mojang Studios

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is the Legacy Console Edition version of Minecraft developed by 4J Studios and Mojang Studios for the Xbox One.[13] It was announced on June 10, 2013 at Microsoft's press conference at E3 2013 and was available for purchase on the Microsoft Store for US$19.99 between September 5, 2014 and September 20, 2017.[14] Existing digital owners are still able to access, re-download, and play this version. A retail version was released on November 18, 2014 and can still be purchased. DLC for the game is still available on the Microsoft Store. Like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 editions players, the Xbox One Edition owners had the option to download the Bedrock version for free, however this deal ended in December 2019.

Compared to the Xbox 360 Edition, the Xbox One Edition includes world sizes up to 5120×5120 blocks (36 times larger), 18 chunk render distance, amplified worlds, and other enhancements offered by the Xbox One. The Xbox One Edition has all Legacy Console Edition exclusive features, the most notable being Mini games.

Initially, the Xbox One Edition was planned to no longer receive updates following the release of Bedrock Edition on the platform, starting with the lack of an equivalent update to TU58. However, the Xbox One Edition later received CU50, an update adding the MINECON Earth Skin Pack, and eventually resumed updates entirely with CU51, an update equivalent to TU60 which also added all the features from TU58, Xbox One Edition continued updating for 2 years after the release of Bedrock Edition.

As of CU59, the Xbox One Edition has not received new feature updates, such as the Update Aquatic, Village & Pillage, Buzzy Bees, the Nether Update, Caves & Cliffs, and so on.[15] The Xbox One Edition is playable on the Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility.[16]

The Xbox One Edition's most recent feature update is the World of Color Update.


In default settings, the controls are always displayed on the HUD. The controls for Xbox One Edition are similar to Xbox 360 Edition.


The game is similar to Xbox 360 Edition, but supports the enhancements offered by the Xbox One. Worlds from Xbox 360 Edition can be transferred using an Xbox Account, but currently cannot be loaded on the Xbox One Edition, as Xbox 360 Edition has Update Aquatic, while the Xbox One Edition does not.

Holiday/Favorites Pack[]

Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack cover

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack key art

To celebrate the Christmas holiday, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack (or Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Favorites Pack in European regions) was a release of Xbox One Edition on November 24, 2015 that costs US$29.99 and is bundled with seven "fan-favorite" DLC.[17][18]


The following DLC is included in Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack:

Marvel Skin Packs Bundle[]


Promotional image for the Marvel Skin Packs Bundle

The Minecraft Marvel Skin Packs Bundle was DLC released exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions on November 30, 2015, which contains all of the Marvel Skin Packs at a discounted price.[19] The bundle was removed from the Xbox Marketplace on December 21, 2015 and is no longer available.[20]


The following DLC is included in the Minecraft Marvel Skin Packs Bundle:


Note: As with the Xbox 360 Edition trailer, this one was also created by Hat Films.[21]

Announcement Trailer[]

Release Trailer[]



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