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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.1.0185.0
Installer v0.0.9.1

Release date

April 4, 2013



TU9 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on April 4, 2013.[1]



  • Added tracks "end.ogg", "nether1.ogg", and "nether2.ogg" from C418

Blocks and items[]

  • Sandstone variants
    • Only obtainable by modding the game.
    • When placed, it acts like a normal sandstone and drop the normal sandstone upon breaking.
  • Spawn eggs (stackable to 16), sandstone stairs, fire charge, item frame, nether brick slabs, nether brick items, end portal, dragon egg, birch and spruce wood planks, slabs and stairs, wooden buttons.
    • Wooden slabs crafted during and after this update are now flammable. Existing slabs will act as stone slabs and will not be stackable with the flammable slabs.
    • Currently, wooden buttons cannot be activated by shooting them with arrows, unlike wooden buttons in the Java Edition.
  • Options
    • HUD size options for both splitscreen and full screen modes.
    • Reset Nether option to force regeneration of The Nether. This is helpful for older saves that didn't have a nether fortress.
    • Toggle for death messages.
    • Toggle to hide or display the animated character in the User Interface.
    • Allow individual splitscreen users to have their own settings for HUD.



World generation[]

  • The End
    • The world is not infinite, but has a block placement limit similar to that of the Nether
    • Obsidian pillars are generated in a spiral circling an unactivated exit portal
    • The crystals on the two tallest obsidian pillars are surrounded by iron bars.
  • Re-added beaches.



  • Tutorial world
    • Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the Tutorial World
    • Changed the Tutorial world to add climbable vines and some of the new items and removed/reduced the items in the brewing, farming and breeding chests.
  • Removed the achievements warning when loading a creative map that has already been saved in creative mode.
  • Added smoother color transitions between biomes.
  • Allow players to block with a sword when the ‘Can Build And Mine' option is unchecked by the host.
  • Improved lighting code performance.
  • Improved the loading/saving time.
  • Changed the display order in the Minecraft Store to show newest DLC first.
  • Added How To Play for the End and farming animals.

Blocks and items[]

World generation[]


  • Sheep can now regrow their wool by eating grass.
  • Reduced the volume of the ghast sound effects.
  • Increased the distance the ghast's sound effect for shooting a fireball can be heard from.


  • Fixed glitch that allowed the player to use a cape on any skin.
  • Fixed fireballs causing a freeze while entering the Nether.
  • Fixed crash with ender pearls.
  • Fix for cave spider size.
  • Fixed experience orb pickup sound not having pitch variance.
  • Fixed a crash when attaching glowstone to pistons.
  • Fixed a render update problem on the end of world chunks.
  • Stop the player animation for eating happening in the "Change Skin" menu.


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