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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Installer v0.0.6.1

Release date

November 15, 2012



TU6 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on November 15, 2012.[1] This version is based on Java Edition Beta 1.8.1.


  • Added a quick command to clear the hotbar in creative mode. (X Button)
  • Added a toggle to turn Void fog on and off. Fog is disabled by default. Void fog is dependent on the game's Hosts's settings.
  • Added an option to disable HUD and appearance of player hand in graphics settings.
  • Added a How To Play page for Host and Player options.


  • Cakes are now stackable.
  • Fence collision box decreased to size of fence block
  • Golden apple recipe will use gold ingots in place of nuggets.


  • Fix for renaming save files.
  • Fix for worlds created pre-1.8.2 crashing because of signs.
  • Missing golden apple and pumpkin seeds crafting recipes.
  • Fix for respawning players appearing on maps while "Gamertag Display" is disabled.
  • Fix for water and lava buckets in creative mode not having infinite uses as intended.
  • Fix for mob generation code to spawn more animals in the world.
  • Fix for chests being incorrectly lit and placed on worlds created before the 1.8.2 update.
  • Fix for eating animation showing on players who weren't eating.
  • Fix for chest lids not behaving properly.
  • Fix for game sounds not playing when player has an empty hand.
  • Fix for mobs appearing to take damage when they aren't.
  • Fix for Lever and fence gate sounds.
  • Fix for Leader of the Pack achievement being incorrectly rewarded.
  • Fix for Leaderboard stats.
  • Fix for hitbox issues with glass panes and iron bars
  • Fix for the small-character display turning green.
  • Fix for splitscreen players having settings set to zero.
  • Fix for issues with rendering with clouds disabled and rendering blocks at the edge of the map.
  • Fix for splitscreen players not being able to mine in the tutorial.
  • Fix for players not being able to Sprint in creative after saving in survival with a low hunger bar.
  • Fix for PvP damage from arrows while PvP is disabled
  • Fix for pressure plates not working correctly when activated.
  • Fix for the low food bar hint appearing during a creative game.
  • Removed player shadow from the Host while Host Invisibility is enabled
  • Fix for red flowers not spawning in world generation.
  • Fix for paintings being pushed by pistons
  • Fix to prevent players who can't eat due to Trust Players being turned off do not get exhausted.
  • Fixed an issue with the interface disappearing after using the Facebook Share tool.
  • Fix to limit the number of slimes, ghasts and silverfish that can be spawned in the world.
  • Fix to prevent the cursor from going offscreen in creative mode.
  • Fixed issues with capes:
    • Not displaying correctly while sprint-flying
    • Not displaying while in the Nether
    • Not displaying when the player respawns
  • Fixed bows in Creative Mode so that they do not consume ammo when fired
  • Reduced the volume of the chest opening/closing sound effect


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