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Xbox 360 Edition TU51.png

Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.8.1381.0
Installer v0.0.56.1

Release date

March 28, 2017



TU51 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on March 28, 2017.[1] [edit]


  • Added Glide mini game.
  • Added new mini game lobby.


20 issues fixed
  • MCCE-3933 – Uploading saves for PSVita/PS4 does not work properly, and corrupts the world.
  • MCCE-3984 – Dragon disappears into gateway
  • MCCE-4071 – Cannot download PS3 World on PS4
  • MCCE-4108 – Skeleton "hitbox" too big
  • MCCE-4171 – Weather no longer changing
  • MCCE-4219 – End Gateways Broken Behavior
  • MCCE-4224 – Textures broken, became low res
  • MCCE-4225 – Seed changed to 0
  • MCCE-4227 – Nether portals do not link up
  • MCCE-4231 – Falling through minecart rail tracks when running and jumping
  • MCCE-4238 – Missing texture for stained glass pain
  • MCCE-4253 – Stained glass is not getting transparent when it is dropped
  • MCCE-4255 – Players and mobs get stuck in block when jumping or falling
  • MCCE-4274 – Upload failed
  • MCCE-4295 – Saved world reset as if brand new
  • MCCE-4298 – Nether portals not syncing properly
  • MCCE-4299 – Falling through ground bug
  • MCCE-4339 – Cross save from PS Vita to PS issue

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