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Xbox 360 Edition TU38.png

Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.8.0992.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.44.1

Release date

July 1, 2016



TU38 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on July 1, 2016.[1] [edit]


Battle mini game
  • Disabled kicking players during Public Battle rounds. This is enabled for the host in the Lobby.
  • Disabled the host exiting the game during a Battle round. This is enabled in the lobby.
  • Grace period increased to 20 seconds.
  • Changed all poison potions to level 2 instead of level 1.
  • All sticks now have at least Sharpness 1.
  • Replaced the fire charge item with a potion of fire resistance.
  • Replaced the diamond chestplate with an iron chestplate.
  • The Wooden Hoe with Fire Aspect 1 has Sharpness 1 added to it.
  • Removed the wooden shovel from the center chests.
  • Added Sharpness 1 to the wooden pickaxe in the outer chests.
  • Added Sharpness 2 to the wooden shovel in the outer chests.


38 issues fixed
  • MCCE-59 – TNT not working correctly
  • MCCE-213 – Beacons do not work when placed under end stone in "The End"
  • MCCE-293 – Only one or no mooshrooms spawn in a world
  • MCCE-305 – Wrong german translation for birchwood door
  • MCCE-345 – TNT explosion knockback/damage not working as expected (breaks some TNT cannons)
  • MCCE-376 – Custom Superflat dungeon bug
  • MCCE-418 – Cannot evenly divide among classic crafting grid spaces
  • MCCE-433 – Bug when breaking powered rails
  • MCCE-492 – "Passing the Time" achievement will not unlock
  • MCCE-505 – Waking from a bed puts the player outside their house
  • MCCE-597 – Horse lag/FPS drop
  • MCCE-747 – TNT cannons not working
  • MCCE-770 – Furnaces Lost Fuel
  • MCCE-798 – Autosave does not save the game. Old save loaded and inventory copied.
  • MCCE-987 – Sky and inventory turns a dark color suddenly, and textures aren't right
  • MCCE-1004 – Bunny skin bug
  • MCCE-1018 – Xbox One Leader board glitch
  • MCCE-1022 – Cannot directly kill tamed horses
  • MCCE-1115 – Data loss for player 2.
  • MCCE-1118 – Item stacking to inventory
  • MCCE-1126 – Console freeze on button push hooked to pistons
  • MCCE-1260 – Submerged witch huts
  • MCCE-1460 – Guardian spawn, multiple water monuments
  • MCCE-1490 – TNT player launcher no longer works.
  • MCCE-1507 – Item frame bug
  • MCCE-1509 – map issue when on a boat
  • MCCE-1679 – Melon not spawning in Jungle biome on Xbox One
  • MCCE-1737 – Slimes no longer spawning
  • MCCE-1756 – Witch hut bounding box too small
  • MCCE-1770 – Mushroom blocks bug
  • MCCE-1826 – White tulip description incorrect
  • MCCE-1943 – Cannot alter Controller setting on local multiplayer
  • MCCE-2026 – Game crashes after passing Festive Skin
  • MCCE-2157 – Battle mode not working
  • MCCE-2172 – Server is full when trying to join a public game
  • MCCE-2175 – Battle Minigame Wii U still does not work
  • Fixed various areas in Battle maps where players could get stuck.

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