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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.8.0845.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.37.1


Build 1.8.0849.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.38.1

Release date

February 12, 2016



TU32 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on February 12, 2016.[1] This version is based on Java Edition 1.8. This version was reuploaded before it was sent out to users.[2]



113 issues fixed
  • MCCE-48 – Water Spreading Creates New Source Blocks.
  • MCCE-571 – Interface Opacity and Tooltip Opacity issues on PS Vita.
  • MCCE-772 – Animals get stuck in corners of fence-type blocks.
  • MCCE-817 – Map walls are broken since CU19 on Xbox One.
  • MCCE-826 – Beacon height limit.
  • MCCE-829 – The end build limit is smaller.
  • MCCE-831 – Player skin is the default skin when holding a map.
  • MCCE-833 – When Interface opacity is down, hotbar faded tools will not show their durability.
  • MCCE-856 – Red sandstone stairs texture incorrect.
  • MCCE-863 – The map does not work as it should unless "View Hand" is turned on.
  • MCCE-865 – Rabbits only appear to spawn naturally in snow biomes.
  • MCCE-878 – Book and quill saving issue: opening and closing an edited (not signed) writeable book deletes the saved pages.
  • MCCE-885 – Feather Falling enchantment does not reduce fall or ender pearl damage.
  • MCCE-886 – Feather Falling IV not working
  • MCCE-962 – Increase to slime spawning.
  • MCCE-1009 – Skulls in the inventory and held in first person are oversized.
  • MCCE-1024 – Raw fish and raw salmon have the same texture in the Natural Texture Pack.
  • MCCE-1072 – In the City Texture Pack it shows smooth red sandstone as a rough block but when you place it, it is smooth.
  • MCCE-1091 – Some fire caused by ghast's fireball explosion is not displayed.
  • MCCE-1127 – Wolfs default collar color had changed from orange to red.
  • MCCE-1142 – Minecraft Capes using incorrect texture.
  • MCCE-1192 – Texture under the bed is the texture of the top of the bed.
  • MCCE-1202 – Map dark when facing north or south.
  • MCCE-1214 – Texture of any potion turns black while holding it in the End or Nether.
  • MCCE-1349 – Penned animals de-spawn when leaving the chunk.
  • MCCE-1366 – When placing a torch under water to reset / refill the air meter will often cause a crash.
  • MCCE-1367 – Melon farm with piston causes crash.
  • MCCE-1403 – Hunger meter always regenerates when switching from peaceful to any other difficulty.
  • MCCE-1415 – Hunger meter depletion glitch
  • MCCE-1434 – Fishing rod bobber sticks to walls.
  • MCCE-1455 – Piston/slime block duplication.
  • MCCE-1457 – TNT can destroy blocks placed well beyond the world border.
  • MCCE-1476 – Skin Pack 6: Faith Connors' Mirror's Edge Skin first person view bugged on Xbox 360.
  • MCCE-1488 – 'Getting an Upgrade' trophy/achievement fails to unlock while crafting a stone pickaxe using classic crafting.
  • Fix for crash when ender chest is mined for a few seconds.
  • Fix for an intermittent crash when placing beds on snow.
  • Fix for a crash when a Superflat world session with a combination of multiple planks or wood, lava and air layers is saved.
  • Fix for a crash after destroying blocks and exploring a Superflat world with multiple sand, air and TNT Layers.
  • Improved random seed generator to select worlds with a better spread of biomes.
  • Fix for Villagers not harvesting crops from farmland created by the player.
  • Fix for glass not being able to be broken by hand in Adventure mode.
  • Fix for an issue where the user renames a 'Spawn Egg' and places it in water, causing debug text to be displayed.
  • Fix for an issue when the "Body Guard" trophy/achievement does not unlock as expected when the iron golem is built in a certain way.
  • Fix for an issue where a player cannot see other players after dying and respawning.
  • Fix for an issue where baby horses appear to be adults after feeding with one golden carrot.
  • Fix for issue where two primary powers can be applied to the player's character through the beacon UI.
  • Fix for an issue where a Torch and a Redstone Torch have two hitboxes.
  • Fix for de-spawn protections not being applied to baby animals created with Spawn Eggs.
  • Fix for issue where item quantity for bottle o' enchanting, nether star, enchanted golden apple and strength indicator for potions are not affected by Interface Opacity when in Quick Select.
  • Fix for death message with incorrect text is displayed when the player is killed with a named weapon.
  • Fix for worlds generating slightly differently every time even with the same seed.
  • Fix for issue where leather clothes, spawn eggs and potions are displayed improperly when the player is above 256 blocks or is in a place where there is no source of daylight.
  • Fix for Doors, Trapdoors and Fence Gates missing a sound effect when closing.
  • Fix for issue where opening certain menus does not cancel the eating, drinking or bow charging animations.
  • Fixed an issue where items that have no custom names were not showing up in edit text field in the Anvil.
  • Fix for ocelots not sprinting away from the player.
  • Fix for pistons and objects pushed by them having corrupted, black textures while animating.
  • Fix for falling gravel, Sand and Red Sand blocks displaying with very dark textures.
  • Fix for issue where texture pack changes to vanilla Minecraft textures if the player joins a friend's session.
  • Added first person rendering of additional skin parts for the left and right arms.
  • Fix for an issue when in a split-screen session where at least one player does not get critical hit particles.
  • Fix for seeing through the base of falling blocks.
  • Fix for missing mining animation for skulls, heads, signs, chests and beacons.
  • Fix for issue where changing the Interface Opacity to specific values causes visual issues with the item and button icons on the HUD.
  • Fix for issue when traveling directly north or south in a minecart where the player automatically turns to face eastwards.
  • Fix for missing tooltip for 'Exit' / 'Dismount' actions.
  • Fix for guardians not being spawned around ocean monuments on a Superflat world.
  • Fix for city Texture Pack missing textures for multiple kinds of doors while holding in the player's hand
  • Fix for sign text not displaying.
  • Fix for cows needing to take 11 hits with hand or 3 hits with any Sword to be killed.
  • Fix for clownfish description displaying incorrect information.
  • Fix for Golden Apple's regeneration animation not being smooth.
  • Fix for issues using certain symbols while renaming items on the Anvil.
  • Fixed an issue unlocking the 'Iron Belly' trophy.

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