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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.6.0697.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.29.1

Release date

July 3, 2015



TU26 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on July 3, 2015.[1] This version is based on Java Edition 1.7.2. [edit]


17 issues fixed
  • MCCE-86 – Chest corridors in Strongholds don't always contain chests
  • MCCE-165 – Invisible Mobs
  • MCCE-188 – music disk
  • MCCE-301 – you float above minecarts that are dispensed from dispensers
  • MCCE-339 – Cobblestone Wall and Jungle Fence Gate Not Connected
  • MCCE-380 – Not deleting correct world.
  • Fixed an issue with stacking doors.
  • Fixed an issue with the set day button in the host options menu.
  • Fixed an issue stopping players removing leads from fences.
  • Fixed minecart with TNT having no igniting animation.
  • Fixed an issue with mobs being unable to pass through an open iron door.
  • Fixed an issue where reaching the maximum spawn limit of villagers prevents spawning baby villagers after some of the villagers die.
  • Fixed doors being destroyed when placing them on an upper slab.
  • Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could make tamed wolves stand up.
  • Fixed an issue where players with no privileges could kill snow solems.
  • Stopped players being able to destroy minecarts when 'can build and mine' privilege is disabled.
  • Stopped players being able to open minecart with chest, minecart with hopper and saddlebags when 'can open containers' privilege is disabled.


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