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Xbox 360 Edition TU18.png

Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.3.0494.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.21.1

Release date

October 7, 2014



TU18 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on October 7, 2014.[1] This version is based on Java Edition 1.3.1. [edit]


  • Fix for problem with Save & Exit.
  • Fix for 'Can Build and Mine' option in Host Options Menu does not function properly in a Creative Mode
  • Fix for entity culling that was causing flickering whilst riding minecarts and pigs.
  • Fix for very slow cycling of which players get chunks sent over the network, when the server is under high load
  • Improvements to algorithm for sending chunks over the network.
  • Fix for explosion causing damage in unrelated areas of maps.
  • Fix for problem where user purchases a number of emeralds continuously from the same villager and the game will not register all emeralds.
  • Fix for glass rendering problem.
  • Fix for the hitbox on torches sometimes being incorrect.
  • Fix for enchanted items not destroying blocks as quickly as they should.
  • Fix for placing a Redstone Torch next to a Note Block not always activating it.
  • Fixed for mobs still aggressive while the player is invisible (using potion).
  • Fix for players riding boats/minecarts sometimes being invisible to remote players.
  • Fix for Maps placed in an Item Frame appearing as blank to other players.
  • Fix for Camera resetting when going through Nether or End Portals.


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