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Xbox 360 Edition TU15.png

Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.3.0352.0_DLC
Installer v0.0.18.1

Release date

April 11, 2014



TU15 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on April 11, 2014.[1] This version is based on Java Edition 1.3.1. [edit]


  • Changed zombies rare loot drop to be carrots, potatoes or iron ingots.
  • Changed repairing tools in the inventory to only allow tools that are not enchanted (since the player would lose the enchantment).


  • Fix for blocks reappearing after they are mined.
  • Fix random fall damage issue in the nether.
  • Fix for slow chunk loading speed.
  • Fix for maps not correctly display at the game start.
  • Fix for splitscreen audio issues.
  • Fix for blocks not always showing damage in splitscreen.
  • Fix for Ender dragon sounds.
  • Fix for problems spawning chickens, wolves & mooshrooms.
  • Fix for problem causing first item in the quickselect bar to sometimes move to the inventory on opening the inventory.
  • Fix for villager spawn eggs in a dispenser not producing random professions.
  • Fix for iron golems not stopping their attack when they have killed a skeleton.
  • Fix for issue when players teleported while riding a pig or a minecart
  • Fix for animals climbing cobblestone walls.
  • Fix for attaching fences to cobblestone walls.
  • Fix for Invisibility potions not making sheep completely invisible.
  • Fix for gamertag/Online ID being visible when using an invisibility potion.
  • Fix for tamed wolves with invisibility becoming visible when swimming in water.
  • Fix to let bonus chests spawn in pre-TU14 worlds.
  • Fix to issue causing stationary network players to oscillate between two slightly different positions.
  • Fix for unsynchronised audio.
  • Fixed chatpad input on anvil.

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