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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.1.0188.0
Installer v0.0.10.1

Release date

April 16, 2013



TU10 was a version of Xbox 360 Edition released on April 16, 2013.[1]


  • Fix for Silver LIVE profiles getting an error message on loading a save.
  • Fix for lighting bug causing unlit areas even when light sources were placed in these areas.
  • Fixed slowdown caused by explosions (TNT, creepers and ghasts).
  • Fixed frame rate slowdown in the End being experienced by some players until the end crystals were destroyed.
  • Fixed crash when placing lots of item frames with maps inside.
  • Fixed collision box issue at the top of ladders.
  • Fixed issues with animals taking damage randomly or falling through the wooden planks floors.
  • Made dispenser suck water/lava back into an empty bucket.
  • Fix for potion bottles being launched from a dispenser.
  • Enabled placing pressure plates on nether brick fence.
  • Fixed an issue with fire charges sticking at the edge of the world.
  • Change to not be able to place more than the maximum amount of paintings/Item frames, rather than removing previously placed ones.
  • Stop players from interacting with item frames and paintings when ‘Can Build and Mine' is disabled.
  • Fixed the Custom Skin Animation setting not working.
  • Play the correct sound on hitting the Ender Dragon.


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