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The only archived copy of this version is edited. 
A copy of this version has been archived, however, despite the fact that it plays correctly, it is not bit-perfectly original.
If you believe you have a clean, unedited copy of this version, please post on this page's talk page.
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Build 0033
Xbox 360 Edition preview 1.66.0033.0.png

Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 1.66.0033.0

Date developed

January 27, 2012



Build 0033 is a development version of Xbox 360 Edition. This version is based off Java Edition Beta 1.6.6.

The only archived version had an edited terrain.png, using textures from the ModernCraft texture pack.[1] However, the mipmapped versions of terrain.png were not edited, resulting in more distant blocks still using the default textures. The game package is also edited.

The edited game was called "Minecraft Reloaded" on the Xbox dashboard, and the description stated "Minecraft with custom textures and stuff. v0.1a"


  • Changed the font.
  • Removed the greyed-out Multiplayer button
  • Changed the World Select menus.
  • Removed the small MineCon logo from the top left corner.
    • This graphic still remained in the game in TU0.