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Build 0054
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Xbox 360 Edition

Internal version

Build 0.66.0054.0

Date developed

March 23, 2012



Build 0054 is a development version of Xbox 360 Edition. This version is based on Java Edition Beta 1.6.6.


  • New panorama and tutorial world.
  • Added the ability to exit without saving.
  • Added a save indicator when game is loaded.


  • Music and sound now plays on the menu screen.
  • Redesigned all options menus.
  • Splash now pulses faster.
  • Changed the create world and loading screens.
  • Panorama now loops endlessly, as opposed from going left to right.
  • Changed menu logo from Xbox 360 Edition logo 1.png to Xbox 360 Edition logo 2.png
  • Changed the crafting menu.
  • Loading tips show when saving or loading a world.
  • Updated debug menus.
  • Game now runs smoother.
  • Changed the metadata title from "Minecraft" to "Minecraft XDK Edition"
  • Changed the metadata description from the retail "Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine." to "Minecraft from Partnernet v1.0"
  • Changed the door sound.
  • Removed the golden apple from the crafting menu.
  • Removed the weapons section from the crafting menu.
  • Weapons are replaced from the tools section from the crafting menu.