The icon for the Wither effect


If one gets the Wither effect, one's hearts will turn black

Wither, not to be confused with The Wither, is a detrimental Status Effect which will impact a player's Health bar by turning the hearts in the health bar black while they gradually deplete. The effect is temporary and similar to the Poison status effect, but it will last much longer but slower, and it can actually kill a player if he/she does not replenish their health bar before it fully drains. If a player regains health while the wither effect is still active, the health will continue to deplete until the effect wears off.

Like all status effects, it can be removed by drinking Milk.

Sources of Wither


  • The word wither means cease to flourish; fall into decay or decline, so one could say that this effect can make a player wither away.
  • If one dies because of the effects of Wither, the death message will read: "<player name> withered away."
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