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Windswept hills biomes.

Windswept hills are very uncommon biomes that mainly generate in hilly terrain. There are three variants in the biome family.‌


Windswept hills generate in areas with high erosion, high PV and high continentalness, which means that the terrain is usually flat, but sometimes hilly and shattered. The cliffs of the windswept hills generally and peaks at roughly Y-level 140. Above Y=120±8, rainfall changes to snowfall, and the hills becomes snow-capped, along with water freezing into ice.

The grass and leaves are an aqua color. These are the only biomes, besides mountain biomes, where emerald ore is found. Like mountains, infested blocks with silverfish can be generated underground below the sea level. Oak trees and spruce trees occasionally generate here, with a bit of grass, poppies[Java Edition only] and dandelions on the ground. Llamas can spawn in these biomes.

Survival in windswept hills can be challenging to beginners, due to the heights often risking heavy fall damage and higher elevations bringing snow and ice, but can be fairly easy once the player has acclimated to the area and found or made a flat-enough space for shelter. Llamas can also serve as useful pack animals when tamed. Water must be protected by light or a roof to prevent it from freezing when above the snowfall line, however, and the player must be aware of their surroundings to avoid falling off steep cliffs, especially when fighting hostile mobs. Care should also be taken when mining in windswept hills, due to infested stone occasionally generating; the player might get swarmed with silverfish if they're not prepared.

The following mobs are naturally spawned here:

In Java Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1005154
Zombie Villager55151
Ambient category
Creature category
Underground water creature category
Glow Squid14–6
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.
In Bedrock Edition
MobSpawn weightGroup size
Monster category
Slime[note 1]1004951
Zombie Villager54952–4
Creature category
Glow Squid10552–4
Ambient category
  1. Spawn attempt succeeds only in slime chunks.


Windswept Hills[]

The windswept hills biome is the regular variant, which has sporadical oak and spruce trees. This biome features the stony and grassy terrain surface.

Windswept Forest[]

The windswept forest variant lacks stony terrain surface. The tall grass and trees generate more often, forming sparse forests. While the increased wood supply can be useful, the risk of fatal fall damage still exists, especially if this variant generates on the edge of a tall hill. This variant generates in areas with high humidity, which means it is usually surrounded by forested biomes like taigas and birch forests.

Windswept Gravelly Hills[]

The windswept gravelly hills variant has sporadical oak and spruce trees. This biome replaces the top few layers of stone, grass block and dirt with gravel across its landscape. Due to the gravel replacing most of the grass, trees generate far less often, making this variant relatively barren. Players should be careful when surfacing from underground in this biome, as the top layers of gravel can pose a suffocation hazard. This variant generates in lower humidity values, mainly next to plains and snowy plains.

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key
Windswept Hillswindswept_hillsbiome.minecraft.windswept_hills
Windswept Forestwindswept_forestbiome.minecraft.windswept_forest
Windswept Gravelly Hillswindswept_gravelly_hillsbiome.minecraft.windswept_gravelly_hills

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID
[No displayed name]extreme_hills3
[No displayed name]extreme_hills_plus_trees34
[No displayed name]extreme_hills_mutated131


Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-releaseAdded the Extreme Hills biome. Mountains and hills could still generate prior to this, but they were random parts of the terrain and not considered their own biome.
Java Edition
1.112w01aAdded Extreme Hills Edge biome. it was implemented as a smooth transition between the unpredictable extreme hills terrain and the largely flat terrain of the various other biomes in this world generator.
Reduced the height of Extreme Hills.
1.7.213w36aExtreme hills variants added, along with many other biomes.
The extreme hills edge biome no longer generates naturally and include spruce trees and a bit of stony patches.
Spruce trees and snow layers now generate in extreme hills.
The surface now contains large stone, dirt and gravel patches.
1.1318w16a"Extreme Hills M" has been renamed to "Mutated Extreme Hills".
"Extreme Hills+ M" has been renamed to "Mutated Extreme Hills+".
18w19a"Extreme Hills" has been renamed to "Mountains".
"Extreme Hills Edge" has been renamed to "Mountain Edge".
"Extreme Hills+" has been renamed to "Wooded Mountains".
"Mutated Extreme Hills" has been renamed to "Gravelly Mountains".
"Mutated Extreme Hills+" has been renamed to "Gravelly Mountains+".
pre5The ID extreme_hills has been changed to mountains.
The ID smaller_extreme_hills has been changed to mountain_edge.
The ID extreme_hills_with_trees has been changed to wooded_mountains.
The ID mutated_extreme_hills has been changed to gravelly_mountains.
The ID mutated_extreme_hills_with_trees has been changed to modified_gravelly_mountains.
September 28, 2019During MINECON Live 2019, the mountains won the community biome vote; additions were improved terrain generation, powder snow, and goats.
October 3, 2020The Caves & Cliffs update was announced at Minecraft Live 2020, showing a sneak peek at goats and the new mountain generation.
March 5, 2021It is announced that the biome renamed to mountains in 1.13 may be renamed back to Extreme Hills.
1.1721w13aGoats now spawn in the old "mountains" biome, a placeholder until the new mountains are added.
1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Removed Gravelly Mountains+.
Goats no longer spawn in the old "mountains" biome.
experimental snapshot 2Old "mountains" have been renamed back to "extreme hills", and "gravelly mountains" into "gravelly hills".
experimental snapshot 4Increased the extremity of terrain in extreme hills.
21w40a"Extreme Hills" has been renamed to "Windswept Hills".
"Wooded Mountains" has been renamed to "Windswept Forest".
"Gravelly Hills" has been renamed to "Windswept Gravelly Hills".
The ID extreme_hills has been changed to windswept_hills.
The ID wooded_mountains has been changed to windswept_forest.
The ID gravelly_hills has been changed to windswept_gravelly_hills.
The gravelly mountains+ and mountain edge biomes have been removed.
1.2023w17a"A Familiar Room" can now be played in windswept hills, windswept forest, and windswept gravelly hills.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.1.0Added biomes, with small cliffs generating within them.
v0.9.0build 1Added a proper extreme hills biome, along with many other biomes.
Only pine trees now generate (not oak trees as well) in extreme hills. The trees are found only in the wooded variant.
v0.9.5Added extreme hills+ variant.
v0.11.0build 1Added extreme hills m and extreme hills+ m variants.
build 10The amount of gravel in extreme hills m biomes has been increased.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0?Added snow layers to extreme hills.
Caves & Cliffs (experimental)beta goats, which currently spawn in extreme hills as a placeholder.
beta no longer spawn in the extreme hills biome.
beta mountains+ no longer generate naturally.
beta windswept hills variants became rarer.
Legacy Console Edition
TU5CU1 1.00 Patch 11.0.1Added Extreme Hills biome.
TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Added Extreme Hills variant biomes.


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