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Patch 33

Wii U Edition

Release date

April 24, 2018


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Patch 33 was a version of Wii U Edition released on April 24, 2018.[1]



  • Added Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack.


16 issues fixed
  • MCCE-7060 – Cannot place water or lava in the End
  • MCCE-7064 – World freezes within seconds of loading
  • MCCE-7066 – Game crashes when breaking blocks
  • MCCE-7086 – Mobs are rare even in Hard difficulty
  • MCCE-7095 – Game not working
  • MCCE-7101 – Game crash in save
  • MCCE-7106 – PS3 hangs on load
  • MCCE-7119 – PS3 completely freezes up in multiplayer
  • MCCE-7131 – Game freezing
  • MCCE-7138 – Water and lava buckets cannot be emptied in the End and in end cities on Xbox.
  • MCCE-7142 – Game crashes when placing beds
  • MCCE-7148 – PS3 crashing or hanging in certain parts of the world
  • MCCE-7157 – Game crashing
  • MCCE-7169 – Constant freezing/crashing after placing beds
  • MCCE-7175 – Game crashes at random times
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when players looked at a cauldron while holding a water bottle obtained by fishing.

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