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The warped forest, is a biome that is for the 1.16 - Nether Update, that was announced at Minecon Live 2019. [1]


Easily distinguishable by the Warped wart blocks. In the warped forest, roots, fungus, and Warped huge funguses  will be found in this forest. Endermen will spawn in the warped forest. The ground and trees will be made up of warped nylium, warped stem, warped wart blocks, Nether roots, warped fungus, shroomlight blocks, Twisting vines, purple fog, lava, and fire, as well as particles that move downward that are called Warped Spores. Nether roots will grow on top of warped nylium. The warped forest is the same as the crimson forest, except everything is blue instead.




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