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This article is about the hostile mob in Minecraft. For the unseen illager in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Warden. For the ancient mob in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Frostwarden. For the character in Minecraft: Story Mode, see Minecraft Story Mode:The Warden.
Health points

500♥ × 250




Easy: 16♥ × 8
Normal: 30♥ × 15
Hard: 45♥ × 22.5
Easy: 6♥♥♥
Normal: 10♥♥♥♥♥
Hard: 15♥ × 7.5

Hitbox size

Height: 2.9 blocks
Width: 0.9 blocks


When a player activates naturally generated sculk shriekers four times or more.

The warden is a hostile mob summoned by sculk shriekers in deep dark biomes. It has high health and deals the highest melee damage of all mobs. It can also fire ranged sonic boom attacks that bypass blocks and almost all damage-reducing items, including enchanted armor. The warden is completely blind and relies on vibrations and its sense of smell to detect players and mobs to attack.


The warden emerges from the ground after being summoned by sculk shriekers

Wardens do not use standard mob spawning mechanics. Instead, they are spawned when a player activates naturally generated sculk shriekers four times, and if there isn't already another warden within 24 blocks of it. When a warden spawns, it emerges from the ground near the shrieker that summoned it, taking about 6.7 seconds to do so and being completely invulnerable until fully emerged.

The warning count for sculk shriekers is specific to each player, rather than each sculk shrieker. This means that the player can activate four different shriekers in different locations, and a warden still emerges after the fourth activation.

Up to 20 attempts are made to spawn a warden within a 11×13×11 box, which is centered on the shrieker. During each attempt, the game picks a random Y column, then the game picks the topmost block in that column with a top surface with full collision, and the block above must have no collision. Unlike other hostile mobs, light level does not have an effect on warden spawning. Like other mobs, the spawning warden cannot collide with any existing entities or liquids.

In Java Edition, warden spawning can be toggled on or off with the game rule doWardenSpawning.


Wardens drop a single sculk catalyst upon death. They also drop 5 experience if killed by either a player or a tamed wolf.


The warden is blind and seeks out targets by listening and by sniffing.

After spawning, wardens wander randomly around the world and move toward nearby vibrations originating from players, mobs, and non-mob sources including projectiles and minecarts. The warden also periodically sniffs the area around it, allowing it to zero in on targets even if they don't create vibrations. As wardens sniff, pick up vibrations, or are touched by other players/mobs, they become increasingly agitated.


The warden can fit inside of any space that is 1 block wide and 3 blocks tall, allowing it to chase players and mobs through small corridors.

Wardens are immune to damage from fire or lava, and do not take knockback. They can pathfind through blocks that are usually avoided by other mobs, including rails, powder snow, and magma blocks.

The warden, whether angered or not, gives 12 seconds of Darkness to all players within a 20 block radius of it every 6 seconds. The souls in its chest make a low, throbbing heartbeat that occurs in tandem with the Darkness effect. The heartbeat speeds up as the warden becomes increasingly agitated.[1] The warden prefers to track down the most suspicious targets, rather than the ones closest to it.[2]

Detecting mobs

The warden listens to all vibrations within a 16 block radius, except those from other wardens, armor stands, dying mobs, and players in Creative or Spectator mode. Like with sculk sensors, they cannot detect a sneaking player who's walking, falling, or shooting a projectile. The warden has a 2-second cooldown between detecting vibrations.

The warden is aware of all targetable entities within a 49x51x49 box around itself. If the warden has a targetable entity, is not investigating any disturbances, and is otherwise idle, it will pathfind towards the closest entity, prioritizing players over mobs. While pathfinding, the warden can begin a 'sniff' behavior and animation. This takes around 4.2 seconds, and has a 5-10 second cooldown.


Wardens keep track of how angry it is at each suspect as a number from 0 to 150. When the warden notices a vibration, it adds anger to the mob that caused the vibration. It adds 10 anger if the vibration was from a projectile, or 35 anger for other vibrations. However, if two projectiles are heard by the warden within five seconds, it instead adds the full 35 anger toward that player/mob. Wardens do not add anger toward a mob/player if the projectile was shot from more than 30 blocks away, although the projectile does count toward the counter of two projectiles. Anger decays at a rate of 1 per second and immediately clears if the targeted player switches to Creative or Spectator mode, the target or warden leaves the dimension, or if the target dies.

The warden adds 35 anger toward any mob that directly touches it. This effect has a 1-second cooldown.

When it finishes sniffing, the warden adds 35 anger to the nearest mob or player within 6 blocks horizontally and 20 blocks vertically.

Once a warden reaches 80 anger with a target, it roars for 4.2 seconds, adds another 20 anger, and pursues the target. In this angered state, the warden chases the target normally despite being blind. The warden also enters its hostile state and adds 100 anger if directly attacked by a mob. If the attacking player or mob is within 5 blocks, it skips its roaring animation altogether and immediately gives chase.

The warden is biased toward player vibrations, attacks and contact - even if a warden is angrier at another mob, it still attacks the player first as long as they have angered the warden as well. This is not true of any other mob.[3]

After 60 seconds of being "calm" and not detecting any vibrations or sniffing any mobs, it burrows back into the ground and despawns, unless the warden has been named. If the warden is floating on a liquid, it instead immediately despawns without any burrowing animation. During its emerging/burrowing animation, the warden can take damage only from /kill, though it can still be pushed by entities, pistons, or liquids. Named wardens do not dig or despawn.


The warden's melee attack has a cooldown of 0.9 seconds and disables shields for 5 seconds, dealing 16♥ × 8 to 45♥ × 22.5 HP depending on the difficulty.

The warden's sonic boom attack

If a warden cannot reach its target, it switches to its ranged attack: a powerful sonic boom. It does so when the following are true:

  • It has been 10 seconds since the warden detected the target
  • It has been 5 seconds since the warden last used a melee or ranged attack
  • The target is within 15 blocks horizontally and 20 block vertically of the warden.

The sonic boom directly attacks the target, passing through blocks and other mobs without damaging them. The warden takes 1.7 seconds to charge up, then unleashes the attack, which instantly hits the target as long as the target is within attack range. It cannot be dodged. The attack takes an additional 1.3 seconds to cool down before the warden can use melee attacks again for a total of 3 seconds. The sonic boom is visible via green-blue particles that are projected out of the warden's chest. This attack bypasses shields, armor, enchantments, blocks, and even the wither armor of the wither. Only the Resistance effect can reduce this attack's damage.


SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Warden groans angrilyHostile CreaturesPlays randomly when the warden notices somethingentity.warden.agitatedsubtitles.entity.warden.agitated1??
Warden whinesHostile CreaturesPlays randomly when idleentity.warden.ambientsubtitles.entity.warden.ambient1??
Warden ragesHostile CreaturesPlays randomly when the warden targets an enemyentity.warden.angrysubtitles.entity.warden.angry1??
Warden lands hitHostile CreaturesWarden attacksentity.warden.attack_impactsubtitles.entity.warden.attack_impact1??
Warden digsHostile CreaturesWarden despawnsentity.warden.digsubtitles.entity.warden.dig1??
Warden diesHostile CreaturesDyingentity.warden.deathsubtitles.entity.warden.death1??
Warden emergesHostile CreaturesWarden spawnsentity.warden.emergesubtitles.entity.warden.emerge1??
Warden's heart beatsHostile CreaturesPlays when the warden's heart beatsentity.warden.heartbeatsubtitles.entity.warden.heartbeat1??
Warden hurtsHostile CreaturesTaking damageentity.warden.hurtsubtitles.entity.warden.hurt1??
Warden takes noticeHostile CreaturesWarden notices vibration or smellentity.warden.listeningsubtitles.entity.warden.listening1??
Warden takes notice angrilyHostile CreaturesWarden fails to spawn, or notices vibration or smell from a targetentity.warden.listening_angrysubtitles.entity.warden.listening_angry1??
Warden approachesHostile CreaturesWarden gets called by sculk shrieker onceentity.warden.nearby_closesubtitles.entity.warden.nearby_close1??
Warden advancesHostile CreaturesWarden gets called by sculk shrieker twiceentity.warden.nearby_closersubtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closer1??
Warden draws closeHostile CreaturesWarden gets called by sculk shrieker thriceentity.warden.nearby_closestsubtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closest1??
Warden roarsHostile CreaturesTargets entityentity.warden.roarsubtitles.entity.warden.roar1??
Warden sniffsHostile CreaturesSniff for nearby entitiesentity.warden.sniffsubtitles.entity.warden.sniff0.75??
Warden boomsHostile CreaturesWarden casts sonic boomentity.warden.sonic_boomsubtitles.entity.warden.sonic_boom1??
Warden chargesHostile CreaturesWarden prepares sonic boomentity.warden.sonic_chargesubtitles.entity.warden.sonic_charge1??
Warden stepsHostile CreaturesWalkingentity.warden.stepsubtitles.entity.warden.step0.3??
Warden tendrils clickHostile CreaturesDetects vibrationentity.warden.tendril_clickssubtitles.entity.warden.tendril_clicks1??

Data values


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key

Entity data

Wardens have entity data associated with them that contains various properties.

Java Edition:

Main article: Entity format
  • Entity data
    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags common to all mobs
    •  anger: Anger management of the warden.
      •  suspects: List of suspects that have angered the warden.
        • A suspect.
          •  anger The level of anger. It has a maximum value of 150 and decreases by 1 every second.
          •  uuid: The UUID of the entity that is associated with the anger, stored as four ints.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS4)
PS4 Other
Sneak 100Sneaking next to a Sculk Sensor without triggering it.Sneak next to a Sculk Sensor or Warden without triggering or aggravating it.10GBronze


There are currently no advancements associated with killing a warden. The warden is intended to be a natural disaster that is nearly impossible to kill and best avoided.[4] Therefore, killing a warden doesn't count for the Monster Hunter advancement, nor is it needed to receive the Monsters Hunted advancement.[5]

Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Resource location
Advancement-plain-raw.pngSneak 100
Sneak near a Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you AdventureSneak within 8 blocks from a sculk sensor, or 16 blocks from a warden.adventure/avoid_vibration


2020Several pieces of concept art were created for the warden, known at the time as the stalker.
Warden (pre-release 1).png A prototype of the original stalker design was programmed into the game.
Warden (pre-release 2).png Warden (pre-release 2 alternate).png A second version of the stalker could transform into a form that was less wide and tall when chasing an entity or player, while its regular form was meant to disguise as a treasure totem. This iteration got scrapped as it was considered too goofy and insufficiently scary.
2020The stalker was renamed to hollowed.
Several pieces of concept art were also created for the hollowed design iteration.
Warden (pre-release 3).png A prototype of the hollowed design was programmed into the game.
This iteration was ultimately scrapped, as it was considered too gory for Minecraft.
October 3, 2020Warden (pre-release 4).png The warden is announced at Minecraft Live 2020.
October 6, 2020A set of teaser images regarding the warden's size and behavior were posted on Brandon Pearce's Twitter.
October 16, 2021Warden JE1 BE1.png New spawning conditions and textures for the warden were revealed at Minecraft Live 2021.
November 26, 2021The warden is revealed to have a sense of smell; it can detect and pathfind toward the general location of a player or mob through a "smelling" action. It also prioritizes smelling the player or mob that it is most suspicious of, rather than the one closest to it.[6][7]
December 18, 2021The warden's emerging animations were showcased.
Java Edition
1.19Deep Dark Experimental Snapshot 1Warden JE1 BE1.png Added wardens.
22w11aRemoved wardens.
22w12aReadded wardens.
Wardens are no longer considered undead.
Wardens have been given a attacking animation.
Increased warden's vertical reach from 3 blocks to 4 blocks.
Wardens no longer slow down in water.
Wardens are now immune to fire and lava.
Warden textures have been changed. The tusks on the chest have been separated and new overlays have been added.
22w13aWardens can now walk over rails.[8]
22w14aWardens now gets angry at all living mobs that bump into it, not just players.
Wardens now slow down in water and are affected by bubble columns again.
22w15aWarden Sonic Boom Attack 22w15a.gif Wardens now charge and release a ranged attack when the target is found to be well beyond the melee attack's range. This attack can penetrate walls.
Wardens can now smell players from further away.
The vertical range in which wardens get angry has been increased from 6 to 20 blocks.
Reverted the warden's vertical reach back to how it was before 22w12a.[9]
22w16aDecreased the warden's vertical reach again, from 3 to 2 blocks.
Added the game rule doWardenSpawning.
22w17aWardens now drop one sculk catalyst upon death.
The amount of damage dealt by its ranged attack has been decreased from 30♥ × 15 to 10♥♥♥♥♥.
The cooldown for their ranged attack has been decreased from 5 to 2 seconds.
The ranged attack can bypass shields and armor.
22w18aWarden Sonic Boom Attack.gif Updated the textures of the sonic boom particle.
22w19aThe warden's ranged attack is now affected by difficulty.
22w19aSculk shriekers now need to be activated four times to summon the warden.
Pre-release 3Sonic boom attack damage is no longer reduced by the Protection enchantment.
Bedrock Edition
December 9, 2021Warden JE1 BE1.pngDevelopment of deep dark content, including the warden, was revealed for Bedrock.
December 17, 2021A new burrowing animation was showcased.
Wild Update
beta wardens behind the "Wild Update" experimental toggle.
Currently, there are no hit or death sound effects, and some of its features are outdated compared to the latest Java Edition snapshots.
1.19.0beta are now available without having to enable experimental gameplay.
Added hurt, death, and angry listening sound effects.
Wardens can now preserve anger levels toward despawned entities.
Wardens no longer get angry toward other wardens or inanimate objects.
beta now charge and release a ranged attack when the target is found to be well beyond the melee attack's range. This attack can penetrate walls.
Wardens can now smell players from further away.
The vertical range in which wardens get angry has been increased to 6 to 20 blocks.
Wardens now gets angry at all living mobs that bump into it, not just players.
Wardens now prioritize attacking players over other mobs.
beta now drop one sculk catalyst upon death.
The amount of damage dealt by its ranged attack has been decreased from 30♥ × 15 to 10♥♥♥♥♥.
The cooldown for their ranged attack has been decreased from 5 to 2 seconds.
The ranged attack can bypass shields and armor.


Issues relating to "Warden" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • Although the warden is supposed to be blind, spectating it reveals that it still has normal vision.
  • The concept for the warden was originally planned for the Nether Update as a "blind piglin that could only respond to sounds" that could be found within a "new biome".[10]
  • Some previous names being considered for the warden were the shade,[11] the stalker, and the hollowed.[12]
    • The stalker iteration was tall and asymmetrical with a glowing core (sometimes referred to as a chest crystal[13]). It occurred in totems throughout the deep dark. The stalker would stand completely still to trick players into taking its core and aggravating it, and could transform into a form one block high form to prevent players from escaping through small tunnels. This iteration, specifically its appearance and transformation mechanic, felt clunky and was more goofy than scary, so it was scrapped by the Mojang developers.[14]
    • The hollowed was designed with the intent of inciting trypophobia and had white flesh with holes in it. The developers deemed that iteration too gory and had to be toned down.[15]
  • In the sixth episode of The Secrets of Minecraft, it was jokingly revealed that the warden's personal names are "Jonathan" and "William", depending on the scene, similar to how the player, ender dragon, and wither all have personal joke names.[12] "Warden" itself was also jokingly broken down into "War! Dens!" in the description.
    • "Jonathan" can be seen on a blackboard for name suggestions alongside "the stalker" and "the hollowed".
    • It jokingly explained that the name "warden" was the result of calling it "William" and spelling it wrong.
      • In the tenth episode, both names were used when the Narrator spotted the warden behind him.[16]
  • Brandon Pearce stated in a tweet that the souls in the warden's chest is incredibly important to its lore.[17]
    • He also stated that the warden is inspired by the "monster" heard at the end of the music disc "11".[18]
  • Coincidentally, in the spin-off game, Minecraft: Story Mode, there is an unrelated character also named The Warden.




Developer screenshots


Concept artwork


Other gameplay


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