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A wandering trader is a villager-like mob that can be found throughout the Overworld.


A wandering trader will spawn at Dawn and will either wander around a village meeting point, or nearby a player's spawning point. They are always accompanied by a couple of Trader Llamas wearing unique decorations similar to the clothing the wandering trader wears. When a wandering trader despawns, it will leave its Llamas behind. However, a different wandering trader will eventually Spawn, carrying a different stock of items for sale. Like villagers, wandering traders will flee from hostile mobs, and will run around in a panic when attacked by a Player. Additionally, if attacked by a Player, a wandering trader's llamas will start to attack the Player, however the wandering trader itself will just panic.

A wandering trader has a similar trading interface to a villager's, except they trade for emeralds. Also, their trades won't expand if a player completes a trade.

Either when they see a hostile mob or when it is Night, a wandering trader may drink an invisibility potion to become invisible. They will then drink Milk during the morning in order to neutralize the effect.


  • Wandering traders are the second mob to have the ability to use potions, the first being the Witch.
  • A wandering trader's voice is different from normal villagers.
  • Wandering Traders can spawn anywhere where there is enough space for them and their llamas, which allows them to spawn in flat worlds or in, say, a glass dome at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Wandering traders will not turn into witches when struck by lightning, but normal villagers will.


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