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For guides about all the additions, changes and how to survive in this update, see Java Edition guides/Village & Pillage and Bedrock Edition guides/Village & Pillage.
Not to be confused with Village or Pillage.

Discover the most adventurous update yet! Defend against new threats, build with new blocks, and experience life in all-new villages.

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Village & Pillage was a major update themed around revamping villages that was released for versions of Minecraft in 2019, with the exception of the Xbox 360 Edition, Xbox One Edition, PlayStation 3 Edition, PlayStation Vita Edition, Wii U Edition, and New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

This update was released for Java Edition as version 1.14 on April 23, 2019. The update's development started with snapshot 18w43a. The first pre-release for Java Edition 1.14 was released on April 10, 2019, followed by the second on April 12, the third on April 16, the fourth on April 17, and the fifth on April 18.

PlayStation 4 Edition was the only version of the Legacy Console Edition to receive the update, which was divided into versions 1.83 on December 18, 2018, 1.88 on February 26, 2019, 1.90 on April 15, 2019, and the main update as 1.91 on June 3, 2019.

On Bedrock Edition, features of Village & Pillage were split into four separate versions: 1.8.0, released on December 11, 2018; 1.9.0, released on February 5, 2019; 1.10.0, released on March 19, 2019; and the main update as version 1.11.0 released on April 23, 2019. Additional features were added in 1.13.0 on October 29, 2019.

Additionally, features from this update were also released for Minecraft Education in 1.9, 1.12.0, and 1.14.31.

The official name for the update, Village and Pillage was revealed on September 29, 2018, during the MINECON Earth 2018 livestream.

For the China Edition, the full update was released on July 4, 2019, based on Bedrock Edition 1.11.

Notable features[]

  • New blocks:
    • 14 new stairs, including, stone, diorite, andesite, granite (and their polished variants), mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick.
    • 14 new slabs, including stone, diorite, andesite, granite (and their polished variants), mossy stone brick, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth red sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick, and end stone brick.
    • 12 new walls, including diorite, andesite, granite, brick, stone brick, mossy stone brick, sandstone, red sandstone, prismarine, nether brick, red nether brick and end stone brick.
    • Campfires
      • Act as a decorative fireplace without any fire spread.
      • Can cook up to four food items, but slowly (30 seconds).
      • Can be lit or unlit.
      • Acts as smoke signal when placed on top of a hay bale.
    • Bamboo
      • Generated in bamboo forests in jungles
      • Can be found in shipwrecks and jungle temples loot chests.
      • Dropped by pandas.
    • Scaffolding
      • Can be climbed quickly.
      • The player can build a pillar of scaffolding by just pressing use on the top face of a scaffolding block.
      • The whole structure breaks when the bottom block is broken.
      • The bottom and sides have no collision detection.
    • Flowers
      • Cornflower
        • Can be crafted into blue dye
        • Can be found in plains
      • Lily of the Valley
        • Can be crafted into white dye
        • Can be found in forests
      • Wither Rose
        • Can be crafted into black dye
        • Inflicts 1 second of wither status effect to mobs and players around it, in any difficulty besides peaceful
    • Barrel
      • Acts as a storage block similar to chests
      • Generates in village fisher cottages
      • Can be opened in a one by one block space unlike the chest
    • Bell
      • Decoration block that produces sound
      • Play a shaking animation and a sound when right-clicked, hit by a projectile, or activated by a redstone signal.
      • Generates in village meeting points.
      • When rung during a raid, all pillagers receive the glowing effect for a short amount of time.‌[Java Edition only]
    • Blast Furnace
      • Block used for smelting ores twice as fast as a traditional furnace
      • Generates in village armorer houses.
    • Smoker
      • Found in villages, specifically butcher shops.
      • Block used for cooking of food items faster than the traditional furnace.
    • Cartography Table
      • Found in villages, specifically cartographer houses.
      • Block used for cloning, expanding and locking maps.
      • Maps that are locked can't be modified.
    • Composter
      • Produces bone meal.
        • Using certain items on the composter has a chance to add 1 level of composting to the composter, up to 7 levels. After the composter reaches level 7, it turns into level 8 (the harvestable stage), yielding 1 bone meal when used.
        • Some composted items are consumed without adding a level. The chance of adding a level depends on the quality of the item: larger or crafted items have a higher chance of adding a layer when used (e.g. Kelp has a low chance of about 10%, while pumpkin pie has a chance of 100%).
      • Crafted with 3 planks and 4 fences.
    • Fletching Table
      • Found inside fletcher houses in villages.
      • Player functionality will be added in a later update.
      • Used by villagers of certain professions to re-stock their trading inventory.
    • Smithing Table
      • Found inside Toolsmith houses in villages.
      • Can be used to upgrade diamond tools to netherite since 1.16
      • Used by villagers of certain professions to re-stock their trading inventory.
    • Stonecutter
      • Found inside mason houses in villages.
      • Used for crafting all stone-related items and blocks.
    • Grindstone
      • A new block that can be used to remove any non-curse enchantment(s) from an item.
      • Can repair items by combining them together
      • Generates in village weaponsmiths
    • Lantern
      • Has a luminance level of 15.
      • Acts as a new light source.
      • Generates in snowy villages as lamp posts.
    • Lectern
      • Found in villages, specifically libraries.
      • Block used to hold books for multiple people to read at a time.
      • Emits a redstone pulse when a page is turned.
    • Loom
      • Alternate, easier and cheaper method of making banners.
      • Generate in village shepherd houses.
    • Jigsaw block
      • A technical block.
      • A 'junction' block that allows the player to construct structures out of smaller templates.
      • Not available on PlayStation 4 Edition.
  • New items:
  • New mobs:
    • Cats
      • Typically found wandering around villages as strays.
      • Black cats can spawn in swamp huts.
      • Untamed cats can despawn.
      • Eight new skins, with a ninth chosen by the community.
      • Tamed cats sleep or sit on the owner if they go to sleep in a bed.
        • When the owner wakes up from the bed, the owner may receive a gift, based on a loot table.
        • The possible gifts are: string, raw chicken, feather, rabbit hide, rabbit's foot, rotten flesh or phantom membrane.
      • Scare off phantoms, and hiss at them.
      • Cat collars can now be dyed.
    • Pillagers
    • Ravager
      • Large, hostile bull-like creatures equipped with armor and saddles.
      • Very tough.
      • Destroy crops and leaves.
    • Panda
      • Can be passive or neutral, depending on their variant.
      • Spawn in bamboo forests inside jungles.
      • Eat bamboo items.
      • Have varying personalities and traits.
        • Can be lazy, playful, worried or aggressive.
        • Their emotions can be read on their faces.
      • Baby pandas can sneeze, startling the parent.
      • Have a rare brown variant
    • Fox
      • Spawn in Taiga biomes, taiga villages and their variants, more commonly at night.
      • Are about as fast as ocelots.
      • Pick up any items and blocks dropped on the ground with their mouth.
      • Can be bred with sweet berries - the baby then trusts the player and does not flee.
      • They attack rabbits and chickens.
      • Are attacked by wolves and polar bears.
      • Not available on PlayStation 4 Edition.
    • Wandering Traders
      • Only one spawns at any given time randomly around the world.
      • Spawn with trader llamas.
      • Despawn after 2 to 3 days.
      • Trades biome-related materials.
        • Trades do not refresh after being locked.
    • Trader Llama
      • Spawn with wandering trader
      • Have unique default carpet skin.
      • Attack all zombie and Illager variants.‌[Java Edition only]
        • Attack players and other mobs who harm their trader.
      • Despawn after 2 to 3 days.

Further revisions[]

Java Edition[]

  • 1.14.1 and 1.14.2 made small changes and fixed several bugs.
  • 1.14.3 added a gamerule to disable raids, changed some block placement rules, and fixed several bugs.
  • 1.14.4 added a new function to /debug, a new splash, tweaked villager behavior, and made other minor changes and bug fixes.

Bedrock Edition[]

  • 1.8.1 was released to fix bugs.
  • 1.10.1 was released exclusively on Windows 10 to fix a purchasing issue.
  • 1.11.1 was released to fix bugs.
  • 1.11.2 was released exclusively on Xbox One to fix even more bugs.
  • 1.11.3 and 1.11.4 fixed some more bugs.

PlayStation 4 Edition[]




A trailer documenting some of the Village & Pillage's features was released on Mojang Studios' official YouTube channel on April 17, 2019, featuring a wandering trader on a journey with its trader llama. The trailer was made by Mojang Studios themselves instead of Hat Films, similar to the 3 previous trailers.

A trailer for the update was released on April 23, 2019. Similarly, this trailer was made by Mojang Studios themselves instead of Hat Films, similar to the 3 previous trailers.


Videos made by slicedlime:

Java Edition[]

Bedrock Edition[]


Note: The footage from both videos are taken from the Java Edition.



  • The pillagers were previously mentioned by Jeb in response to a suggestion posted on Reddit.[1]
  • The Village & Pillage trailer has a few game mechanics that were not introduced in 1.14. At 34 seconds into the video, the player throws a sword, and at 44 seconds, a villager with purple robes throws a blue version of redstone. The blue redstone was later confirmed to have been a rendering error.[2]
  • The official artwork for the Village & Pillage update shows a witch holding a potion with one hand, despite the fact that witch's arms are always folded like those of a villager.
  • On the China Edition, the title screen is the Village & Pillage artwork, but with an extra vex and Steve flying with elytra.



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