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Note that in zombie villages cobwebs sporadically replace any block besides chests, bells, crafting tables, carpets, and water source blocks, doors and torches are destroyed, and all non-stained glass or glass pane Is turned into their respective brown stained variant. All villagers that spawn in the village will instead spawn as zombie villagers. Animals and livestock spawn like normal villages. Cobblestone also have a higher chance of turning into mossy cobblestone than normal villages.

Also note that each farm spawns as one of four types of crop, chosen between wheat, beetroot, carrot, or potato. In Java Edition the crops that generate on a village farm spawn as seeds, while in Bedrock Edition they spawn as full-grown crops.



Mossy cobblestone sporadically replaces cobblestone when naturally generated, with zombie villages having an increased likelihood of it happening.

Note: Jigsaw Blocks not included.


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Note: Farm 3

Snowy Tundra[]



'These structures also generate in the snowy taiga village variant, and are topped with snow layers wherever there is sky access. ‌[Bedrock Edition only]