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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

version_manifest.json and its variant version_manifest_v2.json are files containing a list of Java Edition versions from launchermeta.mojang.com. It lists Minecraft versions available in the launcher.

If a version is absent from this list, it is considered unavailable from the launcher.

This list is updated every time Mojang publishes a new version for Minecraft: Java Edition.

JSON format[]

  • The root tag.
    •  latest: The latest release and snapshot versions.
      •  release: The ID of the latest release version.
      •  snapshot: The ID of the latest snapshot version.
    •  versions: A list of versions available.
      • One of the version entries.
        •  id: The ID of this version.
        •  type: The type of this version; usually release or snapshot.
        •  url: The link to the <version id>.json for this version.
        •  time: A timestamp in ISO 8601 format of when the version files were last updated on the manifest.[verify]
        •  releaseTime: The release time of this version in ISO 8601 format.
        •  sha1 (v2 only): The SHA1 hash of the version and therefore the JSON file ID.
        •  complianceLevel (v2 only): If 0, the launcher warns the user about this version not being recent enough to support the latest player safety features. Its value is 1 otherwise.

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