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Ore to Ores[]

Hi. You proposed moving ore to ores a few weeks ago. You might want to participate on Talk:Ore about this. I am strongly opposed to it, for the reason I gave in the discussion (all general topic articles are singular: mob, poison, block, ore, etc). But I'd like to know your reasoning. I don't understand why it needs to be renamed to make way for mineral vein as you stated in your proposal. Thanks. Amatulic (talk) 04:35, 24 February 2021 (UTC)

MC-68129 – Smooth lighting doesn't work properly underwater is fixed[]

You can remove that from the gallery in the section, Make smooth lighting actually smooth? Humiebeetalk contribs 22:37, 31 May 2021 (UTC)

Regarding "RfC: More admins?"[]

Could you please discuss there? TheGreatSpring (talk | contribs) (Tagalog translation) 00:10, 9 July 2021 (UTC)

About uploading low-quality image files[]

Noticing that a great part of images that you has uploaded are blurry and the titles of them are probably incorrect, which seems out of standards and has made troubles for me to sort them out in this page. Here are tips about it.

1. Try to use this template "{{move}}" well on these pages or move them directly to new pages which have correct titles if you can.

2. Think about reuploading optimized and standardised images instead of extracted screenshots.

3. Delete worse ones, such as this and that.

4. Discuss about them in the talk pages with other uploaders.

Please pick them up. Good day :)

Fts · @ 14:48, 4 September 2021 (UTC)