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  • TravellingEye

    I found a video posted by GioFilms about some funny moments. And I think a part of our wiki was featured by this.

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  • TravellingEye

    There are a few things you find useless in the game, such as the poisonous potato. But some players are disregarding some items that I think are actually useful. Bear in mind that this is based on my observation and experience in the game, so not everyone can agree with me.

    1. Parrots

    Mobs that can be found in jungle biomes. They are easy to tame and will fly and sit on your shoulder. A lot of people just find parrots as more of a decorative pet, but there is something special about their abilities. There ability to imitate hostile mobs are incredibly useful when you are busy doing something that requires focus (e.g. mining).

    2. Smokers

    A utility block that is added in the 1.14 update. They can be used as a job block by villagers. They can … Read more >
  • TravellingEye

    The crossbow is weapon introduced in the 1.14 update.This blog is clearly in MY opinion so don't be mad if you disagree with me.

    The Pros of this weapon

    • It is an efficient ranged weapon that can be fired anytime while an arrow is in it.
    • Does half a heart more damage than the bow.
    • Can use fireworks as ammo,can be useful in acting as a flare gun in multiplayer (if necessary).
    • The multishot enchantment on the crossbow can fire multiple arrows on a single shot,acting as a long ranged shotgun and only needs one arrow.Can be very useful in fighting crowds.
    • The quick charge enchantment is useful for faster reload.


    • Materials required in obtaining this weapon is not too rare.But it is most likely necessary to need to hunt some spiders for the sake …
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  • TravellingEye

    If you took time to read this,thank you!As I want to share some knowledge that I know to you.These tips may not seem to be useful at first,but they can be really help you on your survival world,especially if you're really conservative like me.Take note that some of these tips require patience,so it may take some time for you to do this in game.

    Tip No.1:Collect at least 16 pieces of wood.

    16 wood can give you a whole stack of planks.All you need to do is punch at least 3-4 trees you can find.Then craft these materials in specific amounts.

    1 Crafting Table

    8 Sticks

    1 Wooden Pickaxe

    Tip No.2:Use your wooden pick until it breaks

    This requires a lot of patience,but it can be useful in some cases.If you continue using your wooden pickaxe without repla…

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