Note: due to low submission rate, votes will not be happening. If you want a picture to be in the background, suggest it at the suggestion page, and it'll be reviewed for usage. The default background for the wiki is a repeated grass block texture—except for two articles: Tundra Biome and Endercon. These are pages to demonstrate custom backgrounds that are applied per-page. An example of this on a large scale is Subnautica Wiki; however, since Minecraft does not promote developer-drawn artwork, it'll have to be player-made designs that serve as backgrounds.

That's where you guys, this wiki's community, come in. The task is simple: create an image that demonstrates and exemplifies the topic of the article and post it on Minecraft Wiki:Per-Page Backgrounds. After two weeks or so, depending on how many submissions are received, select users (probably admins) will vote on their individual favorites; then, you the community can vote on your favorite. The top pick will be chosen as the background for the article!

Technical details:

Minecraft: Story Mode is as non-vanilla as it should look

  • Image should be a 16:9 aspect ratio, the standard wide-screen size.
    • Taking a screenshot in full screen (default F11) will produce the correct size.
  • Make as little impact on the image with resource packs as possible.
  • Animations (e.g., Blender and Mime-Imator) are okay as long they appear similar to vanilla Minecraft.