I said 3 days, but it was almost double that. It's not that I'd procrastinated again, it's that I'd forgotten about blogs.

I don't know what I was expecting: community interaction? Triple subscribers (What's 0×3)? A single comment? Whatever it was, it didn't happen; instead, I'm hoping to be noticed when I won't be, and even then, I won't be satisfied—either because it's not enough or because out of the popularity someone hacks my account and impersonates me, making me look like a conspirist with Russia (I thought that only happened in Russia, but I guess it happens in America, too), or else finally end this sentence with weak grammar.

I get into Subnautica, play for thirteen hours over the course of a few days, and reach the end of what's been developed thus far. Why not? I'm not as interested in the "sandbox" aspect as I am in the "story" aspect, both of which are developing well for what it's going for, as I have Minecraft for my sandbox needs. This is why I had taken a break from it in the first place.

In school, I'm using Minecraft (PC, at home; not Edu, at school) to do a project (hey; I got an A last time).

I don't think Sitb likes "leasing" his message wall for other peoples' conversations (e.g., NinjaDogDB—err, sir—and I).

I watched Back to the Future yesterday. I'll say this: it's good, and anyone who's old enough to legally make a mark on Fandom is probably old enough to see it.