Didn't think I'd make another blog post so soon. Unless there's anything really worth noting, this will be the last one for . . . how about three days? Too soon? Too late?

Today, I loved being a Boy Scout: a hike in the morning (raspberry-and-cookie-crumble Mountain House), planning the next twelve months in my troop in the afternoon (potluck), and serving plus dish-cleaning at a district dinner (catered food).

FishAreBlue and DeadlockedMine1892 are people who do a ton of editing before leaving a day latter. Unlike the former, perhaps the latter will stay a while—stay a while, stay forvever! I think we've all seen the splash.

Don't procrastinate.

I wonder what the future of the wiki will be like. My guess: if it goes on for a long time, Sitb will probably have left; I'm expecting a good number of admins/bureaucrats who are not as awesome as Sitb and one admin/bureaucrat who is even more awesome than Sitb. I suppose that means Sitb's pretty awesome. There's a problem: many words, such as profanity, "love," and "awesome" are used so much that they have lost their true meaning. I suppose, initially, awesome would be (if you believe in Christianity) Christ dying for everyone's sins so that they don't go to hell forever; rather, they can go to heaven. Nowadays, it's awesome I cleaned so many dishes in a cafeteria-style kitchen. Why does society work that way? I don't mean the dish-cleaning—degradation of intensity of words.