Not my fault: I had two molars grow in a way that prevents proper brushing of them. So, today, I had them taken care of. A little numbing injection, some drilling, some filling . . . now I can poke my chin and not feel anything (unless I'm using my finger).

Well, I'm not going on a camping trip this (extended) weekend.

I recently joined Minecraft Wii U Edition Wikia. Depending on how much time I'm will to invest (or rather, the lack thereof), I may make a page just for acknowledgements. Well, I probably won't; I've only copied one thing over thus far (stub template). If any of you own the Wii U Edition, you could share your knowledge . . . I didn't get permission to advertise like this, but based on Sitb's response to the last ad, it should be alright.

My goal: become an admin by mid-July. I sort-of made a promise to myself (and I've already mentioned this in an earlier blog) to write a lot of stuff. What's the stuff about? I'll promote a title later if someone asks for it.