Hello, members of the Minecraft Wiki. In this blog post, I have hand picked a few suggestions from various sources such as r/MinecraftSuggestions that I feel would make for a great addition/change to the game. So let's get started:


  • Gold Plaque
    • Craftable using a Sign and 8 Gold Nuggets
    • For aesthetic purposes, same function as a sign
  • Door Bell
    • Crafted using 1 Note Block and 1 Stone Button
    • Plays a doorbell sound when right-clicked
  • Table
    • For aesthetic purposes only
    • Crafted using 1 Stick and 3 Wood Planks/Cobblestone/Nether Brick
  • New, realistic sounds
    • Water droplets in caves
    • Wind
    • More ambience in the Nether and the End
    • Sheathing and unsheathing a sword


Ask me what my favorite animal is, and I will not hesitate a single second to say that I love owls. I think they are cute and awesome, and if they were added to the game I would be a very happy Minecrafter. Here's the basics:

  • 3 Heart of health
  • Spawn in Forest Biomes
  • Have 4 skins: Barn Owl, Northern Saw Whet, Snowy, and Pygmy
  • Drop 1 to 3 Feathers


  • /gamerule should have these arguments
    • PVP – a multiplayer/LAN-world only gamerule that enables or disables Player vs. Player combat.
    • TNTExplosions – toggles whether TNT can destroy terrain.
    • InstantRespawn – whether the player should immediately respawn on death
  • /xp should be able to remove levels and amounts of experience as well as add them
  • Creative Mode improvements
    • Mushroom Blocks, Mob Spawners, and Command Blocks should be added to the inventory
    • The 3×3 crafting menu and enchanting menu should be added as well
    • If a player is in this gamemode, any map that they create is automatically fully filled.
  • Signs
    • Copy and paste support (don't know why this isn't a thing)
    • Stack to 64
    • Placeable on Ceilings
    • Right-click to edit (again, don't know how this is not a thing)
  • Book & Quill
    • Can be edited anywhere instead of at the end of the page (should've been obvious from the start that this is necessary)

If you have a suggestion that you feel should be added to this list, feel free to comment!