Hello, welcome to this blog. Recently, a user who I thought was unfit for adminship was promoted to administrator. But, said user is not the focus of this blog. The focus of the blog is the voting for sysop requests.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the final reply to SLScool's bid for adminship. In this, bureaucrat Sitb said that since 75% of administrators supported the request, the request was approved. This was also mentioned throughout the request, as well as other requests.

Basically, this means that if a majority of sysops support, then the user will gain sysop flags. (well, at least most of the time, sometimes the user doesn't get promoted with majority sysop support).

I am strongly against this requirement. Yes, I do understand that administrators do have the experience and requirements of being an administrator, so they would know how other users would fit the right - but is this really a good way to close adminship requests? Administrators are not the only parts of the community, and users should have as much as a voice in adminship requests as sysops do.

Keep in mind that this blog has absolutely nothing to with repealling SLScool's sysop flags. As, if this requirement was renounced, there is still majority support on his request, so he would get the position regardless.

However, this does somewhat link to the aforementioned request, as in that request, all administrators supported (except for User:TheGamingMaster due to current inactivity). However, the only vote casted in opposition was from me. The sysops on this wiki did disagree with my points, as most administrators just focused on SLScool's main namespace contributions. Keep in mind that again, I am not trying to repeal this user's adminship - it's just that this request has a part in this rant.

Now, I know this is not a completely true rule, as XXCastAwayXx's run for adminship had 100% support from participating sysops, but 50% overall support, so it was put on hold.

Anyway, though, for the above reasons, I feel like users and administrators should have an equal say in adminship requests. The fact that administrators have a somewhat bigger say than users make administrators seem like they have excess power. Users are also part of rhe community, and should have an equal say.

Feel free to comment with your opinion.