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You must've come such a very long way to get here! You must be quite tired from the journey. I'll put some music on, and you can sit, relax, and just take a breather for a few minutes before you continue on your way.

Hi, I'm Dinoguy1000! I'm quite experienced with wikis - I hail originally from Wikipedia, and used to be quite involved on Wikia, so I know my way around, but that doesn't mean I have a complete grasp on the rules or etiquette for this wiki - if I'm doing something wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me! =)

As far as Minecraft is concerned, I've been playing since before the Halloween Update - since August or September 2010, perhaps. I started out playing in Classic, but purchased an Alpha code on October 14, 2010. I have a sneaking suspicion I actually stumbled across Minecraft, in some way, several months before I actually started playing, but I can't be sure and have no idea how I might have come across it. Oh, and here's my skin, for what it's worth.


I hereby release my Template namespace contributions, as well as any CSS and Javascript I write, under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License (some such contributions may be copied from elsewhere; any such cases are clearly noted in the edit summary). Reuse of these contributions is freely allowed, provided that attribution is given (this attribution must consist at minimum of a hyperlink or URL pointing to the original page(s) on this wiki) and the reuse is also licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 or later. I also encourage other editors (both on this and other Curse-operated wikis) to adopt a similar policy in regards to their own Template namespace contributions and user CSS/JS; this can be done simply by copying this notice into their own userspace.

Any files I upload will have licensing specified on their file description pages; most files I own the rights to will be uploaded with a CC license.


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