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Be aware of that this userbox requiers you to have Kanegasi's version of Najzere's Edit count script which you can get here or the Swedish Version here: User:ZlingerZZ/Projects/editcounter(Swedish).js Also make sure you have the page set to "edit count" and subpages on.



Cartoon-Book (Editing Symbol).jpg ZlingerZZ has 1053 edits in total, June 18, 2014.


  • bc (border color) - The color of the border. Default:#9366B4
  • bs (border width) - The thickness of the border in pixels. Default:3
  • font - The font you want it to be. Default: Comic Sans MS
  • name - The name of the player. Default: {{BASEPAGENAME}}
  • bgc (background color) - The background color. Default:#4B0082
  • fc (font color) - The color of the text.