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Hello fellow folks! Yes, 'tis I, Yekulten.

As a fan of the mysterious and forgotten, as well as an information gatherer/hoarder, I have a habit of leaping into rabbit holes of Minecraft's past and beyond. My goal is to document information that others have overlooked or forgotten over time.

I first played Minecraft in 2012 when it was first released for the Xbox 360. I bought Java Edition on release of 1.7, though I've explored the older versions such as Classic, Indev, Infdev, Alpha, and Beta.


I am a contributor to the Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki project.

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Minecraft Tips[]

  • If you place a door sideways in a doorway then "open" it to close it, zombies won't break your door in hard mode as they will think it's open.
  • Eating cake is instant. This is useful on laggy servers as eating can take a while.
  • One can use torches to build staircases with half the blocks. Place the torch on the block you are standing on, then place the next block on the side of the torch.
  • Using the # in the creative search bar, one can search for Tags. (eg. #fishes will show all fish, #flowers will show flowers, and #piglin_loved will give all gold related items.)
  • Slabs reduce explosion damage. Use slabs for flooring to optimize plank usage and for an easier fix if creepers explode.
  • One can shoot arrows between two honey blocks. This can be useful as an arrowslit.
  • When looting bastion remnants, use a hopper under the chests to extract the loot. This way piglins will not become aggravated.
  • Snowballs have the same projectile distance as enderpearls. One can use snowballs to see if an enderpearl throw will be successful or not.
  • TNT lit by a flame bow keeps the properties from whomever shot it. If one holds an enchanted sword then shoot a flamebow in the offand, the TNT will use the enchantment when exploding mobs.
  • Use bonemeal in lukewarm oceans to farm coral.

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