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We are saddened to learn of Wynthyst's passing; her user and talk pages are maintained in her memory. Please contact a different admin if you need help.
RIP | June 29th, 1963 – May 14th, 2014
About Me

I was handed a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" when I was 11 years old, and my life changed forever. Suddenly there were unlimited worlds I could visit that offered anything I could dream of. As time went on, my love of these fantasy realms lead me to games like old school Dungeons & Dragons, with my notebooks full of character development under the watchful, though sometime tyranical eye of a master DM. As technology entered every day life, there were the early console games like Link and Zelda, and Final Fantasy on Nintendo. Fast forward a few years and the pc games, Diablo, Diablo II, Morrowind, and Oblivion, where I got to be the protagonist in the story.

A few more years go by and my life and love of fantasy games takes on a whole new life when I was introduced to a little game called Guild Wars... you may have heard of it. Suddenly I was in this amazing land, with it's vivid graphics and well developed storylines. But more than that, there were all these other people around! I was making friends around the world as we battled toward the same goal. It was truly amazing, and I wanted to be more a part of it.. this new community I had found. Enter the Official Guild Wars Wiki, where I could share my knowledge and love of the game, and the GW Guru Auctions where I could sell all the marvelous stuff I was finding in the game.

Chapter next... Curse acquired GW Guru (and the auctions), and I saw an opportunity to expand my ever growing love of wiki editing. Through a bit of hard work and browbeating, I convinced Curse that they needed me on their wiki team (which at the time was comprised of a single wiki manager). Today, I am the Senior Wiki manager on their Gamepedia team. You will find my fingers in on most of our wikis somewhere. Working for Curse, doing something I truly love to do is a dream come true for me.

The Unicorn
The ultimate symbol of good, untainted by evil.
Some thoughts

I have been watching the reactions of this community to the new features brought in with the Gamepedia platform. Those "savvy" wiki editors that are rushing to hide everything Curse with their personal css. Those who are so quick to negate months of planning and work on the part of the Gamepedia team that I am so proud to be a part of, and I just have to sigh. Not for time wasted by us, but on the complete intolerance of change, and the possibilities of positives that these users might find if they gave these features a chance. Just wait til contests are no longer announced with a big splash on the main page, but instead as part of the left nav bar that you have all been so quick to eliminate all traces of our changes from... Don't come crying to me when you realize you missed out on a chance for a trip to MineCon, or a new computer... or who knows what fabulousness might show up. (And yes, all of those are possibilities) There will be nothing for me to say other than... you did it to yourselves.