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Hi, my name is violine1101. I'm an editor of this Minecraft Wiki and an active editor and administrator of the German Minecraft Wiki. I'm a moderator on Mojang's bug tracker (Mojira) as well. Additionally, I also help creating the official German translation for Minecraft on Crowdin.

I live in south west Germany and am able to speak English (somewhat well), a bit of rusty French and, of course, German, my mother tongue. I also like programming very much, so I know many scripting and programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Lua, Pascal or PHP and I know how to create websites using HTML and CSS.

Since I'm a programming guy, I also do this in Minecraft: Although I like to play in Survival mode, I waste most of the time tinkering with command blocks or redstone circuits in Creative mode. I usually don't play with modifications installed, except sometimes Optifine. I've also created my own modification at some point! I'm also very interested in the development versions and development of Minecraft in general.

Also, please note that, because I'm no native English speaker, my English could be grammatically and/or lexically incorrect. Feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes!