Award from AzCoy7, for winning Minecraft Trivia #3!

Hello, I am a rollback and discussions moderator on this wiki. I am normally available in both here and the Happy Tree Friends Wiki (Rollback, Discussion Moderator). I sometimes seek for any stubs that I can edit on.If you wish to talk to me or simply say hi, message me on my message wall.

Me and Minecraft

I've played the Pocket Edition of Minecraft for a long time in the game (I think I played the game for the first time in 2012, it was the demo version though and I was a bit ignorant when I played the game for the first time). After big updates, I began playing in servers to play mini-games (Survival Games and Skywars are my favorites). I can't play in servers for now since I need an Xbox account. This year I usually play with my sister by LAN.

More about me

I tend to play survival mode a lot, but when I play creative, I usually build my own villages (You'll get the idea on what's my favourite mob with this statement, SmileySmall.png, most likely on super flat worlds. In survival, I always play like a nomad in-game and I usually never built a home (I will stay around in villages when I see them). I always wanted to believe that Herobrine is an actual part of the game, but unfortunately, I can't find any actual evidence to his existence other than ridiculous fake sightings. My least favorite mob is not surprisingly, the skeleton.


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Good boi waiting for food.


Pack.png TravellingEye believes in Herobrine!

NoHerobrine.png TravellingEye believes Herobrine is a hoax!

ThY22KGH26.jpg TravellingEye likes playing both single and multiplayer modes.

MCMojang.png TravellingEye prefers to play Minecraft without any mods.

Zombie.png TravellingEye likes to play on Normal Difficulty.

Lofsdgo.PNG TravellingEye owns Minecraft: Pocket Edition!
Redstone Ore.png TravellingEye has the ability to rollback edits on Minecraft Wiki!
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