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Wiki Maintenance[]

I do not have much time myself. Any help is appreciated.

Fixing Edition-specific version category descriptions[]

  • needs linking to Edition page.
  • is "for Minecraft" needed?

Fixing Incorrect links to Controls[]

Fantastic redirects which need fixing.

Controls#Xbox 360 and Xbox One Editions[]

  • Xbox 360 Edition
  • Xbox One Edition

and where to find them[]

Pocket Edition

  • Alpha 0.2.1
  • Alpha 0.1.2
  • Alpha 0.1.1

Legacy Console Edition and subpage

  • tutorial
  • tutorial/Locations

Pi Edition

Bedrock Edition and subpages

  • level format
  • data values
  • exclusive features

Java Edition and subpages

  • removed features
  • unused features
  • Development versions/sk

PlayStation 3 Edition

PlayStation 4 Edition

PlayStation Vita Edition

Windows 10 Edition

Wii U Edition

Education Edition

Apple TV Edition

Gear VR Edition

Fire TV Edition

Nintendo Switch Edition

New Nintendo 3DS Edition