Tarun Baskaran

aka Tarun Baskaran

  • I live in Delaware
  • I was born on November 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hi. I am Tarun Baskaran. You may see me edit on so many different wikis. I wish to be a helpful contributor to this wiki as I have fond memories of playing Minecraft at my friend's house.

Other Wikis I edit

  • Bendy Wiki
  • Mario Wiki
  • Simpsons Wiki
  • Showdown Bandit Wiki
  • Showdown Bandit Fanon Wiki

VJBAAKjXRTlu6VtdP5R93WxDYUg2 fr7 Tarun Baskaran owns a copy of the Minecraft WiiU Edition!

Lofsdgo Tarun Baskaran owns Minecraft: Pocket Edition!

NoHerobrine Tarun Baskaran believes Herobrine is a hoax!

MCMojang Tarun Baskaran prefers to play Minecraft without any mods.

Axe-Pick-Crossed Tarun Baskaran enjoys both Creative and Survival mode!

Zombie Tarun Baskaran likes to play on Normal Difficulty.

ThY22KGH26 Tarun Baskaran likes playing both single and multiplayer modes.
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