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Hello, I am one of the admins on the wiki. I primarily focus on Java Edition, though I also have the Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 as well as Minecraft Dungeons.

I also own a bot account (User:Sonicbot32), which can be used to quickly perform repetitive tasks without having them show in recent changes.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to leave a message on my talk page, or if it's private, send me an email. I am also on the wiki's Discord server.

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Random findings[]

  • The /playsound command in Bedrock edition seems to have a pitch range of 0.000001 to 256, unlike Java's which is limited to 0.5-2.


Java Edition
1.2.5June 2012Was first introduced to Minecraft by a friend.
1.4.7Early 2013Started playing with mods (specifically Risugami's mods).
1.7.4February 22, 2014Made my first edit here with this account. I believe I also made a few logged-out edits around that time, but can't remember what the IP address was.
1.7.10June 25, 2014Opened my first bug report on the JIRA bug tracker (resolved as duplicate).[note 1]
July 2014Started editing this wiki with some degree of regularity.
1.12.2February 22, 2018Became a helper on the bug tracker.
April 2018Became a moderator of the /r/minecraftsuggestions subreddit.
1.13.2November 28, 2018Became an admin of this wiki, as a result of a discussion on the community portal.
1.14February 20, 2019Created a bot account (Sonicbot32).
May 22, 2019Became a mod on the bug tracker.
1.14.2June 2019Resigned as /r/minecraftsuggestions moderator.
  1. There are some earlier reports listed under my name, but those were later transferred under my ownership after the original reporter became inactive.

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