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This user is a bot operated by BabylonAS (talk). 
It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.

Robot Werther (or simply Werther, previously known as JARVISTheBot) is a general-purpose bot owned and maintained by BabylonAS. This bot primarily uses Pywikibot, but is able to run a variety of other programs.

The bot is approved for usage on most Minecraft Wiki language sections as well as FTB Wiki, the Russian Terraria Wiki and the Russian Gamepedia Help Wiki.

The bot account is named after a character from the old time travel film Guest from the Future. The original nickname honors J.A.R.V.I.S. AI from the Iron Man films. The names Prometheus and Daedalus, originally from Greek mythology, are a reference to the Stargate franchise.

Used software[]

  • Pywikibot — The account’s principal software, used as a general-purpose bot platform. Supports custom scripts.
  • Werther — Prototype modular bot platform written in Rust (C was considered previously). Development status is unclear.
    • FD2642OBR5 (or OBR5) — Experimental program written in C, uses libcurl for HTTP manipulation and libjson-c for JSON processing. The only thing it can do is create a page with pre-defined text (the page’s name and contents are hard-coded).
  • Prometheus — Experimental speedy blocking software based on OBR5 and used on the Russian wiki against IP addresses engaged in mass vandalism. Supports two modes: individual IP blocking (1 month) and proxy server blocking (1 year). Deprecated in favor of Daedalus software.
  • Daedalus — Speedy blocking software which allows customizing all parameters of blocking, used on the Russian wiki. Intended to be used for blocking open proxies. The deprecated C version features detached input (as part of the Werther project development) and uses the same libraries as Prometheus and OBR5. The current Python 3 version features a normal interface and relies on the Requests package for HTTP connection.
  • CarpetBomber — Python 3 program for mass page deletion, currently only used on the Russian wiki. It supports multiple threads (each with its own wiki connection) and is based on the Requests package.
  • AutoWikiBrowser — Used only once on the Russian Minecraft Wiki, requires Windows to run on. Attempts to use Wine or Mono are so far unsuccessful.
  • Java Wiki Bot Framework — Previously used for experiments.