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I am a Bedrock Edition player, and I like working on this wiki to share all the fun facts and info and things that make me love Minecraft so much

Why I Love Minecraft[edit]

I have always liked Minecraft ever since I started playing, I love creating worlds, games and so on.

What I Like[edit]


I consider myself quite well versed in commands, designing many different Command Block plugins, as I call them, making my own version of vein miner, treecapitator, NPC shops, and many custom boss fights only with command blocks. I hope to be able to make it easier to understand commads, as these are one of the most complex things to understand, but also one of the most useful.


I really quite enjoy playing creative, just to build cool builds, and see what I can do


I like playing survival to explore my world, and make it my own

Map Making[edit]

I've always wanted to make a map for the Minecraft marketplace, and hopefully make it cheap, or even free (I don't like paying for fun.) I really like giving others a good time, and show off what I can do.


I use the wiki to help me quickly look things up about the game, (although I already am pretty much a walking Minecraft encyclopedia), I help editing pages about things that I find very helpful, or that need updating or created, such as Update pages like the Nether Update page and the Caves & Cliffs update page