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The Netherlands


Dutch & English

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JE: Pepijn
BE: PepijnMC

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May 1, 2017

General Information

I enjoy the more technical side of Minecraft and that's also where you will find me here. Most of my other edits come from me seeing previous edits on the "Recent Changes" page.

I've been playing Minecraft since 2011 and I've always been interested in redstone and later in commands. I was never really a survival player and nowadays you will only see me in Survival Mode when I have to test something. I like to just mess around, but occasionally I will try to make something useful for other people to enjoy.

Recently I got hired as a freelancer for Pixel² (an official Minecraft Bedrock marketplace partner) to do command work. I am under NDA and thus I won't be as active as I was on this wiki, it's annoying that I have to check if something I know to be true/false regarding news and updates is public information or not.

Future Planning

  • Update the advancement guide.
  • Create a function tutorial.
    • Functions are pretty simple, but I want to mention some of the more advanced techniques that are possible.