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Hi, I'm Oxguy3. Check out my userboxes for more info about me. To see all of the userboxes I've made, go to User:Oxguy3/myboxes.

Also, here's an article I'm posting about secret-ish developer calls for minecraft.net and other behind-the-scenes type of pages for Minecraft: User:Oxguy3/Minecraft.net API

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This user is a Minecrafter.
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This user's account in Minecraft is oxguy3.
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Oxguy3 prefers Google Chrome.
This user played Minecraft during Beta.
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This user likes to build.
This user likes to play on Peaceful.
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This user likes to mine.
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This user prefers a modded, non-vanilla Minecraft.
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This user loves butter boots!
This user runs a server at oxperimental.zapto.org.
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