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Hi, I'm Nixinova, an administrator, bureaucrat, and active editor on this wiki.


I started playing the Minecraft (Java Edition) online demo in November 2012, not long after 1.4.2 came out. I bought a full Minecraft account on 9 February 2013, during 1.4.7. When I play Minecraft, I nearly always play on Java Edition; in particular, I typically play SkyWars on Hypixel or Trouble in Mineville on HiveMC (in modded 1.8.9), or experiment in the latest snapshot (22w19a).

I started playing Pocket Edition on my iPad 2 in December 2012, during v0.5.0 alpha, and played Pocket Edition a lot over the next few years. After not playing this edition for a while, I got back into it for a bit starting from Bedrock Edition beta in October 2018, but only to try out new features.

I received a PS4 in December 2014, alongside Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, which I upgraded to Bedrock Edition on 16 December 2019.

I first played Minecraft Earth in October 2019 during 0.5.0 after signing up for the beta in May, but did not played it much since, and my device was later classified as unsupported so I can no longer play.

I purchased Minecraft Dungeons on release day, 26 May 2020.

Mods used[]

When I play multiplayer (in 1.8.9), I use a variety of client-side HUD and optimisation mods to enhance my playing experience. The main two mods I use are:

  • Optifine: Increases FPS and offers more video options.
  • 5zig: Displays my equipped and held items on-screen, as well as having a customisable mini-F3 screen.

Resource packs used[]

Minecraft 's default textures are too low-quality for my taste, so I use a custom mash-up pack with mostly 32x resolution textures based on Faithful with a collection of other textures for both 1.8.9 and 22w19a.

Minecraft Wiki[]

On the Minecraft Wiki, I usually update and further document Java Edition versions and snapshots as well as browsing Special:RecentChanges. As an administrator, I update protected templates and perform maintenance. I have made over 36,000 edits to over 10,000 pages, created over 3900 pages, and uploaded over 1300 files. I am ranked #2 on the Minecraft Wiki and #102 on all of Gamepedia.

I used to contribute to the wiki under the name HeroBrineNZK (an account I created in November 2013), where I made around 100 edits over the next two years. I created my current account in March 2016, but did not edit actively until a year or so later. I became an administrator on this wiki on 8 May 2019 after a community portal discussion, and a bureaucrat on 24 September 2020 likewise.

I have a bot account called NovaBot which I use to make repetitive edits such as updating links and removing deprecated template parameters.

Articles created[]

Bug tracker[]

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Fixed bugs[]

16 bugs fixed
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.1
MCPE-6432 – Block duplication
Java Edition 14w33c
MC-66238 – The new doors have bigger items.
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.11.0 build 8
MCPE-7185 – No fall damage for guests
Java Edition 17w16a
MC-116314 – Bows destroy other bows while crafting using recipe book
Java Edition 18w47b
MC-139818 – Pillager outposts spawn absurd amounts of pillagers
Java Edition 19w07a
MC-143794 – Falling blocks break all snow layers, including when fully stacked.
Java Edition 19w11a
MC-142890 – Wolves don't attack mobs you damage with a projectile
Java Edition 1.14-pre1
MC-143489 – Zombies and skeletons catch fire inside old structures
Java Edition 1.14.1-pre1
MC-144562 – Leather horse armour has inconsistent texture
Launcher 2.1.50xx
MCL-11038 – Dropdown arrow moves down when width is too small
MCL-11039 – When on the login screen, pressing tab after entering username selects "?" instead of password field
Java Edition 1.14.4
MC-156576 – Villager trade prices vary by a large amount
Java Edition 19w36a
MC-159743 – Bee textures have inconsistent amounts of nectar
Java Edition 19w38a
MC-145275 – Reloading a resource pack messes up all textures for an instant
Java Edition 1.15-pre1
MC-146327 – Reloading resource pack unsticks held item position
Java Edition 20w10a
MC-157208 – Enchanting tables can display a blank enchantment option for hoes
Java Edition 1.16-pre3
MC-143473 – Teleporting a mob while it is pathfinding will make it navigate back to where it was going
Java Edition 1.16-pre5
MC-149308 – Thrown items appear right in front of head for a frame
Java Edition 21w03a
MC-207388 – Issues with chunk rendering when height limit is large
Java Edition 1.18-pre3
MC-236764 – Lighting lags behind world generation

Important unresolved bugs[]

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  • MC-139781 – Right-clicking a structure block will open it and place the held block against it
  • MC-153547 – Missing texture block does not render properly
  • MC-156088 – When a block texture is unavailable, other random block textures are displayed
  • MC-156880 – Mobs spawn where they should not be able to after using /fill
  • MC-167224 – Cannot use F3+N to change gamemode when chat is set to "Hidden"
  • MC-170605 – Players list displays hearts but says "hp" when health is over 21 hearts


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2012-11-12 Java 1.4.2 Registered a Mojang account to play the online demo.
2012-12-09 Pocket 0.5.0 Started playing Pocket Edition.
2012-12 Java 1.4.5 Discovered the Minecraft Wiki.
2013-02-09 Java 1.4.7 Purchased a Minecraft account on PC with the name HeroBrineNZK.
2013-03 Java 1.5 Discovered command blocks and created a teleportation hub on my friend's private server.
2013-07-16 Java 1.6.2 Created the MCPC Wikia.
2013-09-06 Java 1.7.2
Started playing in snapshots.
2013-09 Java 1.6.4 Started playing on HiveMC.
2013-09-27 Friend introduces me to Hypixel.
2013-11-16 Java 1.7.2 Joined the Minecraft Wiki as HeroBrineNZK, and made a few edits over the next 2 years.
2013-11-23 Java 1.7.4
Made my first bug report: MC-40709, closed as "duplicate".
2013-12-13 Pocket 0.8.1 Had my first bug report resolved as "fixed": MCPE-6432.
2014-01 Java 1.7.4 Joined the Mineplex server.
2014-12-26 PS4 1.12 Started playing PlayStation 4 Edition after getting a PS4.
2015-03-14 Java 1.8.3 Upgraded to a Windows 8.1 laptop from a Windows XP.
2015-07-31 Pocket 0.12.0 Activated the Windows 10 Edition.
2015-10-05 Java 1.8.8 Changed IGN to SpookyBrineNZK for Halloween.
2015-11-05 Changed IGN to HeroBrineNZK_YT.
2015-12-06 Changed IGN to XmasBrineNZK for Christmas.
2016-01-07 Java 1.8.9 Changed IGN back to HeroBrineNZK.
2016-02-06 Changed IGN to Nixinova.
2016-03-12 Java 1.9 Created a new Minecraft Wiki account as Nixinova.
2016-11-19 Pocket 0.16.2 Registered an Xbox Live Account.
2017-12-20 Java 1.12.2 Gained the "autopatrol" user right on this wiki.
2018-08-02 Java 1.13 Gained the "patroller" user right on this wiki.
2018-10-11 Bedrock 1.8.0
Started playing Bedrock Edition betas, as Village & Pillage content had not come to Java Edition yet.
2019-05-08 Java 1.14 Became an administrator on this wiki.
2019-05-18 Java 1.14.1 Signed up for the Minecraft Earth beta.
2019-06-10 Java 1.14.2 Signed up for the Minecraft Dungeons beta.
2019-07-16 Java 1.14.3 Watched early gameplay videos of Minecraft Earth.
2019-10-18 Earth 0.5.0 Started playing Minecraft Earth.
2019-11-11 Earth 0.7.0 My device is no longer able to receive updates for Minecraft Earth.
2019-11-24 PS4 1.95 Got every achievement in PlayStation 4 Edition, excluding expansion packs.
2020-05-26 Dungeons Started playing Minecraft Dungeons.
2020-09-24 Java 1.16.3 Became a bureaucrat on this wiki.
2021-09-12 Java 1.17.1 Migrated my Mojang account to a Microsoft account and received the Migrator cape.


Nixinova prefers
Minecraft: Java Edition.
Clock JE2 BE2.png
Nixinova has been playing
Minecraft Java since 1.4.2.
Clock JE2 BE2.png
Nixinova has been playing
Minecraft Bedrock since 0.5.0.
Clock JE2 BE2.png
Nixinova has been playing Minecraft PS4 since 1.12.
Nixinova used to be known as HeroBrineNZK.
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Nixinova likes using
command blocks.
Diamond Sword JE3 BE3.png
Nixinova likes to PvP.
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Nixinova prefers to play in snapshots.
Nixinova's favourite server is Hypixel.
Nixinova is a also big fan of Half-Life.
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Nixinova prefers to use the
Source Editor.
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Nixinova has been a member of this wiki since November 16, 2013
(8 years and 183 days).
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Nixinova prefers Google Chrome.
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Nixinova prefers Windows 10.
Nixinova prefers Android.


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