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Commonly duplicated bugs[edit]


Agh not this screen again
  • Duplicate of MC-115237 - World corruption


You STILL use diamond?
  • Duplicate of MC-191157 - Realms crash


That was quick.

Duplicate of MC-188473 - Pack selection doesn't refresh


  • post: WIP
  • r/Minecraft megathread: WIP


  • Duplicate of MC-610 - Things generate floating
  • See moderator note at MC-179858 - Glitchy maps.
  • Duplicate of MC-1794 - White gaps between blocks
  • Duplicate of MC-12363 - Weird lava/water buckets
  • See moderator note at MC-179845 - Rain going through blocks
  • Duplicate of MC-44055 - Audio source doesn't update in-game
  • Duplicate of MC-147605 - Text cursors in multiple fields.
  • Duplicate of MC-177795 - Overworld music in Nether.
  • Duplicate of MC-170828 - Soul fire sets player orange.
  • Duplicate of MC-45602 - Kicked from SP goes to the server list.
  • Duplicate of MC-153904 - Villagers disappear
  • Duplicate of MC-929 - Sugar cane underwater